sx os

  1. lahma0

    RAM Editor broken in SX OS 2.9.2

    After updating to SX OS 2.9.2, attempting to jump to a specific MAIN+0x??????? offset memory location fails with the message "ERROR: Invalid Address Specified". I am 100% certain that this memory location does indeed exist because codes that use this address work just fine. For the sake of being...
  2. M

    (Request) for Pokemon lets go Eevee / Pikachu CHEAT CODES

    I've been trying to find a code that would let me change my pokemon Ivs to the max of 31 and I even tried for about a week on finding the code to do this in my switch but I've failed :frown: I was wondering if anyone can help on finding an Iv changer code thank you. :o
  3. M

    SX OS version 2.0 and later does not work on my switch

    I have been looking all over the internet for answers about my issue as the latest version of SX OS is not working on my switch. We have two Nintendo switch at home and the other one works for the 2.2 sx os version (switch is running 6.0 firmware), and mine is running 6.1 but it can only boot...
  4. E

    sx os v2.2 beta freezes on sleep mode on emunand

    i dont know if team xecuter is aware but since update v2.0 my switch freezes on going into sleep mode v2.1 & 2.2 have not fixed the issue fro me. v1.9 never had that issue when going back to it. the issue seems to only appear when using emunand. ofw 6.0.1, cfw efw 5.1, would like to know if op...
  5. T

    Downgrade SX OS to 1.9

    Heyho i wanted to ask if anybody has an idea where to get the 1.9 boot.dat because im having way to much trouble with the 2.0 version so i could donwgrade back?
  6. P

    Switch Replaced

    Hello, First of all i excuse myself in case this has already been asked. Im an SX OS user since almost the beginning, and i'm really happy with it. My Switch however is dead due to water damage, completly. I've already got a new one, but obliviously SX OS wont work on it. Is there any method to...
  7. S

    nand dump failed. error code 00FFFD4B

    My Switch was forced to update to 6.0 before it could format my SD card. But I'm working with an SX Pro Dongle and RCM jig. When I try to perform a NAND Dump in SX OS, I get this error code Nand Dump Failed error code 00FFFD4B. Has anyone else had this problem, or know of any workarounds...
  8. R

    HArd Disk external no nintendo switch ???

    Hello friends, I wonder if in the future we will be able to use an external hard disk to store the Nintendo Switch games using the SX OS. Thank you.
  9. M

    Homebrew apps missing on SX OS menu but show on hbmenu

    Love the new homebrew menu integration in the new SX OS 1.4 but not all my apps show up... they are there and launch fine from the hbmenu but not on the new integrated one... pfba is an example of an app that shows in both places while i have waincartdumpernx and switchident-console that only...
  10. J

    I received a wrong code from

    I made the purchase and they send me a code, but i try to activate it, but the switch on SZ OS 1.2 says that the license is invalid.
  11. P

    Security measures using SX PRO...

    Dear friends, I'm waiting my SX PRO to arrive and I have a few questions... I normally plat FORTNITE online on my switch everyday. What is better and safer way to do to avoid being banned?! I'm planing to use the the MOD SX on airplane mode every time. This is correct or it wouldn't matter? So...
  12. Y

    Error Code SX OS

    I got error code 2144-0001 from SX OS. How do I get it ? Pressing profile in SX OS and it immediately crashed. What error code is this and is there any other way to remove this error code without erasing the whole log ? I always in airplane mode and erase any data regarding wifi. I never use...
  13. I

    Delete records of games used with SX

    Hello there is the possibility or option of when deciding to load the original firmware, clean the registry of games loaded with SX, so that nintendo does not find out that we use a custom firmware? Whenever I enter SX I do it in airplane mode, I have not been banned yet, I can continue playing...
  14. R

    Question about booting with the dongle 2 switch

    Hi guys, my question is that if I will be able to use the dongle in a switch that had been licensed with a different key of SX OS that was bought separately, I have 2 switch and I want to use the dongle on both (both of them will have a license of the OS, one activated with the dongle and...
  15. B


    Hello, I see in their FAQ that I need to update my switch firmware to be able to play backups released after my actual FW version. Now I am on 3.0.0 and I am waiting like this for months, keeping this version without connecting the console to the internet. I use homebrew on it and I want to be...
  16. H

    If I just bought SX OS, where can I get the payload for NXLoader (Android)?

    I bought the SX OS only (i.e. without the jig and the dongle). So where can I get the payload? Or just use the default payload (Fusee gelee) provided by NXLoader? Also, can I install autoRCM if I just bought the OS? Cause when I see the video, I see the autoRCM install button is in the load...