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    RGH a complete rgh trinity with cool runner guide for a newbi please

    hi is their a complete step by step guide for a trinity reset glich with a cool runner rev c from start to Finnish anywhere please,I've looked everywhere i can think of,but unable to find a complete step by step guide for a newbi like me.any help is I'm very greatfull for many thanks in advance
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    BENQ slim trinity benq drive question

    I couldn't update a halo reach system so I opened it and Surprisingly it had a modified benq drive with some sort of chip that connects to the drive board, the console motherboard and the rf module Could some one please tell me what this mod chip is called or what is it for?
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    RGH stock 16D5S on trinity board with 16d4s

    Hey, I need help guys, I'm seriously out of my depth here. I'm not a noob, but I'm not a pro by any means. TX Product(s) used: COOLRUNNER REV C Console Type: TRINITY Description of problem: I have an rgh'd trinity 4GB that works perfectly fine but it has no dvd drive, and I have a 16d5s...