trinity 4gb

  1. V

    FIXED J-Runner cannot connect to my J-R Programmer/Trinity

    First time here and I'm not sure if this was even the right place to post this... I am an extreme novice when it comes to RGHing 360's and I am just looking for some guidance and help. I did some research on what products I should get to mod my 4Gb slim Trinity with a 17150 dash (which I came...
  2. A

    JTAG Trinity

    Could someone tell me what all I need to do a dual nand on my trinity, I no I need the xecuter demon and a cool runner, I just don't no what else I need, someone help, thanks :confused:
  3. K

    Trinity Mobo - No Consistant Power (just getting beeps). Orange/Green light.

    Hi there. I've got my friends xbox 360 slim 4gb trinity here with a problem I've never seen before. I've done a ton of searching and found that when a slim beeps, the power supply remaining orange, that the problem is most likely one of the USB ports shorting. This isn't the case unfortunately...
  4. savmod

    RGH My best settings for trinity RGH so far

    Hi everyone, I would just like to post my settings I have used so far on two trinity consoles i've just recently RGH'd. I would also like to thank other members on this site for all of their fantastic input, and generosity of posting their findings on setting up RGH'd consoles. So here are...
  5. J

    help dgx light stoped turning on when trying diferent wire length's trinity

    what could i have done i was trying to get my cpu key and i must have tried 5 different wire positions and after the second time i took the x clamp off, the dgx wont light up is this a problem with the motherboard or the dgx? I didnt lift a single pad im at a loss for words here
  6. J

    DGX First RGH.Opinions on TX slim QSB , Nand-X pin headers or wire install on trinity 4GB

    So I have waited ever so patiently for the DGX to come out and i just ordered one from xconsoles along with a Nand-X RGH edition and the pin headers they where only1.50$ or so. I've heared about people needing to trim wires and i havent seen any one who has used either . i know a fair amount...