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    CoolRunner Stopped Glitching After Update

    So I have an slim RGH trinity with a CoolRunner and a Cygnos360. I updated it a few years ago and ever since it has failed to boot. It boots like once in a million tries and I just recently got it booted into XELL so I could grab the CPU key, but it hasn't booted since. The retail NAND works...
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    RGH Xbox Won't Boot

    Since i was able to read my dvd key now my xbox wont boot the center light still starts up + it wont blink please help:mad::mad:
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    RGH DvD Key Won't Show

    I just finished modding my xbox and every time i turn it on it shows my cpu key but not my dvd key please help kv_get_dvd_key Failure: kv_read the hash check failed probably as a result of decryption failure make sure that the CORRECT key vault for this console is in flash the key vault shoud...
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    RGH Xbox trinity RGH rrod

    Just rghed my trinity with ace v3 and cr4 speedup. i can occasionally get it to boot to xell and to dash, but it will red ring after 20 seconds or so. it will red ring when i try to boot it unless i let it sit for awhile. the error code is 0010 or e04. I flashed back to stock nand and...
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    Trinity Xbox turns on when plugged in

    When I went to write the ECC to the nand the Xbox turned on and corrupted the nand. So I reflashed the Xbox to the stock nand and it worked except it turns on when plugged in. I want to get this resolved before I try to write ECC to nand.
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    RGH Xbox triniy turns on when click the ? or read nand

    So I plug in my Trinity board and plug in my nand-x to the PC and the console. Then I press the ? or read and and the console turns on. I unplugged it and tried to boot it and it works. This is my 3rd Trinity board and it has happened to all of them. This also happened when I used my Jr...
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    RGH My internal hdd is showing errorwhile launching games -"Disc is Unreadble"

    hello guys, first of all let me tell you i'm new to microsoft and i'm a noob. i have a trinity xb360 W/ 320gb hdd. whenever i'm playing games whether from xex menu(xex format) or god games from internal hdd,. my hardrive is showing error-'disc is unreadable 1.clean disc with soft cloth...
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    RGH Trinity wont boot into Xell or Dash.

    1. Model of console: Trinity 2. Type of hack being attempted (JTAG/RGH1/RGH2 etc): RGH 2 3. Hardware being used (CoolRunner (specify version), Demon, NAND-X, JR-Programmer, QSB's etc etc): I am using CR Rev D and JR-P V2 4. Software methods being used (J-Runner, DemoN Toolbox, XebuildGUI...
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    GENERAL Motherboard identification

    Hello, i recently bought a slim and tried to identify the motherboard type. the mfr date is 2011-7-6 and it says 10.83a on the 360 is this a trinity? (i am just a bit confused by the diagram thats all) also are all psu's the same for all slims or are they different for a trinity than a corona?
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    RGH Trinity CR4 XL + Demon wont boot with second nand

    The green light is flashing but the cr4 xl wont glitch. My soldering looks ok and I have tried every postbit jumper with many dip settings. I have repeated the task of reading the nand from the xbox, creating an ECC and writing the ECC to the demon several times. The XBox Boots normally when...
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    TRINITY J-Runner errors, now Xbox doesn't turn on

    Console Type: Trinity Programmer Used: J-R Programmer V2 & CR4 TRINITY QSB KIT NAND Size: Unknown (Dump is 16.5MB) Dashboard version: Unknown CB Version: 9231 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: Image of the CR4 XL Images of...
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    TRINITY CR4 XL QSB Question and NAND Read Question

    Console Type: Trinity Programmer Used: Will be using the Demon w/ JRunner v.3 beta NAND Size: 16 Dashboard version: Not sure Was the console working before you started: Y I'm installing a demon slim and a CR4 XL in a Trinity that was running retail when I started. I'm using the v3 QSB for the...
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    Why does nowhere sell the Slim Proto?

    I was thinking about RGHing my xbox 360 trinity 250GB but I can't find anywhere that sells it. The one place that did said that they don't sell it anymore. Are they not being produced anymore or are they banned in the US?
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    Is my cr4 dead?

    This month has been crazy but this is the best i could explain it. Hi, About a month ago i bought a cr4 and a jr programmer from modchipcentral, After recieving it i noticed the orange wire on the nand wire wasnt correctly seated in the connector which plugs into the jr programmer. At this point...
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    Is a 2011-06-16 10.83a a trinity?

    I was looking for a another 360 and someone is selling one from 2011-06-16 with 10.83a, I would guess its a trinity, but what do you guys think?
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    Buying a Corona Xbox 360 for modding

    A few days ago, I stupidly destroyed my trintiy xbox out of frustration and confusion. I have learned from my mistakes and want to try again. So i looked on craigslist but can only find corona models. Specifically 2012-11-01 models, Any clue which version of corona that might be? Should i just...
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    Damaged Board during RGH install

    Let me just start off by saying, i know how to solder decently and ive done mods before like downgrading a ps3 and such. But after reading the nand and writing the ecc and then installing the cr4 i couldnt boot into xell, So i went ahead and checked all my points and redid my shottier ones... We...
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    My XBOX doesnt glitch anymore

    Hello have Trinity 4GB. I had successfully installed CR4 and trinity qsb. I retrieved NAND, CPU Key. Flashed modded bin. everything was working beautifully for MONTHS. however yesterday it just refused TO TURN ON. I opened it up, checked all connections, re soldired all 5 connections from CR4...
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    RGH Is This All I Need?

    I only need these two things to buy for RGHing Xbox Trinity? Sorry Im new to RGHing and all the parts are confusing me, may someone help me with all I need to buy?
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    RGH a trinity slim with dash of 17349?

    im a noob