1. speed3r

    Xbox 360 Trinity (Retail) Won't boot........

    Hello, So i got a Xbox 360 trinity retail(was never openend before/sealed) for a few bucks that didn't boot. After a lot of searching and testing it still wont boot sadly. When i plugin the power supply the xbox beeps one time (On/off sound) after that i can press all the buttons(on/off/eject)...
  2. T

    RGH Corona V5: Flash Config: 0x00000000 after flashing nand

    Hi. I have Corona winbond motherboard. I successfuly read nand 3 times and all are the same. After that i check CR4 checkbox and write ECC... So i get CPU key and correct nand dump... I build freebot and write it, but after write xbox doesnt start and when i try to rewrite freebot a got message...
  3. E

    Trinity Won't Gltich Rev C

    Hey guys This is my first time doing a trinity glitch. I cant seem to glitch. I read the nand, created ecc and wrote ecc. I also programmed the coolrunner. Here some pics.`
  4. Alteration

    COOLRUNNER Does Rev C Work on All Dash Versions?

    I've spent the last two days doing research on which glitch chip I should buy, and I've found a seller on eBay that stocks generic Rev C's (save the lecture). I've watched quite a few videos that briefly mention "you must be on dash blah blah blah for this to work". Is that a special case, or...
  5. B

    TRINITY CR4 isn't working in both of my trinity consoles

    I have tried the cr4 in two trinity consoles now and both couldn't even boot into xell. I am wondering if my chip is bad. How often do people come across bad cr4 chips? I have tried just about every combination of dip switches and post big jumpers as well. I haven't put any caps on because they...
  6. M

    COOLRUNNER Fresh CR4 + JR v2 Trinity | When opening J-Runner I get "Device Not Found"

    Please I really need help I went through alot to get this done(2 solder guns and 2 burns FFS XD) This is the guide i followed: Let me know what I can do to help you figure out my problem.
  7. S

    TRINITY Trinity RGH2 with CR4 XL. Solid red LED with no green LED activity.

    Console Type: Trinity Programmer Used: JRP v2.0 NAND Size: 16MB Dashboard version: 17349 CB Version: 9188 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: =================================================== Thursday, June 11, 2015 1:36:40 PM J-Runner v0.3 Beta (7) Started Checking...
  8. cagao

    Is Demon Slim Compatible With Trinity Mobo's?

    Hello, Can somebody please help me understand if the Demon Slim is compatible with the Trinity motherboard? I've seen postings on the forums of the Demon being installed onto Trinity's with CR4's however, when I look at modchipcentral's website it clearly states that it only works with...
  9. H

    RGH Phat Demon chip installed on Trinity wont boot

    Symptoms: Xbox doesn'tboot Demon or Retail nand. When I power on the Xbox the fan/lights don't come on, I only get the start up sound. If I remove WP, WE, ALE CLE, CE & RE I can boot Xbox nand. (Retail or RGH2) The Xbox nand boots whether the Demon tactile button is switched to Demon or Xbox...
  10. R

    FIXED Cannot glitch TRINITY with CR4, need to understand Rater output

    Hey guys, So this is my second attempt at trying to glitch a 360. I had a Corona V5 that I just couldn't get to glitch regardless of settings and resoldering attempts, although since I do that so often day to day, that is the least of my worries at this point. I decided to try a Trinity...
  11. J

    TRINITY pesky Trinity won't boot cr4

    OK so I've had a few problems and some bad luck with this trinity. I got my first cr4 a while back and I had it booting xell and there was a party at my house and someone curiously picked up my board and ripped a couple points off the chip but long story short he payed for a new cr4. So while...
  12. K

    [WANTED] Looking for TX SONUS 360 - TRINITY QSB

    Ck3 Sold out of TX SONUS 360 - Trinity QSB In the UK, Much appreciated if someone could help me out. Kyle.
  13. B

    RGH Trinity Problems

    Ok, So I bought this trinity 4GB on eBay, and I went to boot it, red light. So after searching for a while and just now looking, I realized that 4422, my error, was from a bad flash :facepalm:. This 360 was RGHed, somebody didn't know how to flash, and DE-SOLDERED all of the wires. I can still...
  14. T

    CR4 + Demon, red light, no debug light.

    Console Type: Trinity Programmer Used: DemoN NAND Size: 16 Dashboard version: 2.0.17150 Please excuse me my soldering, I also haven't cleaned the flux yet. I soldered everything, then read the nand of the xbox, after that I wrote it to DemoN, as well as ECC. I noticed that in J-Runner I got...
  15. L

    FIXED Upgrade from CR3 Lite to CR4 XL

    So after finding out my other glitch chip was a fake I decided to upgrade to an official CR4. I just finished wiring it all in, adjusted the setting and booted it on to find no successful glitch. I realized I would probably need to rewrite the image to be compatiable with the CR4. Ive made an...
  16. L

    Inconsistent Trinity Boots

    Finished up Trinity Rgh yesterday but cant get any consistent boots using CR3 Lite. Accidently lifted FT4R2 pad so had to rewire using R4D4 point and one below x-clamp (forgot); made a small splice through the bridge wire and soldered the blue wire to it. Mostly boots when I'm moving and...
  17. K

    TRINITY Another trinity/demon

    This was my first xbox that I did the demon. I originally had a CR3 Lite in it. What a difference in soldering from when I first did this and now. I have gotten alot better on soldering now. But anyways this thing is almost insta-boot all the time. Except for a few glitches, but can't get any...
  18. K

    GENERAL had to rewire STBY_CLK point (R3B15 resistor on Slim)

    messed up my STBY_CLK point so had to rewire used this method: this worked and the xbox now powers on and runs stock nand and have installed cr4. The issue is the...
  19. P

    RGH Trinity cpu_rst fix

    Hey everyone, I've got this trinity board which was booting perfectly fine, so I went on to RGH it. I've got its NAND dumps with no problems but when I was soldering the modchip I accidentally ripped the FT4R2 pad. So I flashed back the retail NAND and the box gave me a 0100 error code. I tried...
  20. Ubergeek

    CR4 XL - SLIM Trinity Install Guide (RGH2+)

    This CR4 XL install guide covers Trinity Motherboards. You can have the absolute latest version dashboard installed if you wish :) Recommended Hardware: (This is what I use myself in my own personal install) CR4 XL CR4 TRINITY QSB KIT DOUBLE SHIELDED PRO CPU RST CABLE - SLIM JR PROGRAMMER...