1. D

    Flashing stock NAND gives 0022

    TX Product(s) used: DemoN, Proto v2 Console Type:Trinity NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 16756 (retail), 16747 (glitch) CB version: 9188 Description of problem: below Was the console working before you started: Y Do you get a green debug light appear on the RGH chip every 4-5 seconds: Y So...
  2. R

    J runner 16756 issue

    My xbox 360 Trinity slim is updated to the latest dash. I cant select rgh or rgh 2 cause they are grayed out because I checked the 16756 dash and downloaded all the files. I fully installed the coolrunner rev c and the j r programmer. I can read my nand fine I just don't know what to do at this...
  3. R

    RGH I need HELP!

    I have fully installed the coolrunner rev c on my trinity xbox 360. i did a direct wire install. all the solder points are alright. i updated to the latest dah 16756 and idk what to do from here. i tried following a video on how to create the ecc file through jrunner and then writing it to my...
  4. D

    Updating Retail NAND

    Hey there, I'm planning to RGH my Xbox 360 Slim (Trinity) (Dash version: 16756) using CoolRunner Rev C. I also want to install Xecuter DemoN so I have an RGH NAND and an Xbox Live NAND. Before I actually do the RGH, this may be a stupid question, Would anything bad happen if I updated...
  5. S

    RGH Is the RGH1 the same as RGH2

    I have a Trinity motherboard (Slim) and it is on the most current dashboard, so I know that the only way to RGH it is to do a RGH2. Is the RGH2 the same procedure as the RGH1? As far as soldering? Is there a guide to follow? Thanks.
  6. V

    ANSWERED Need RGH Help!

    Okay I have a Xbox 360 Slim with 250 GB and I'm am sure it has a trinity motherboard. I'm skeptical about some the information I find and I keep convincing myself it's outdated. I would like to know what is the best Hardware to purchase to complete the process of installing an RGH. Money is not...
  7. N

    Trinity Not powering on.

    Replaced U5A1 and U5B1 from a working board. Reballed Southbridge and HANA I get 5v ,3.3v and 1.8v standby. I do not however get a 12v reading. From the Voltage maps I can find I cannot tell if the board should have 12v standby? Any comments are appreciated! :)
  8. D

    Proto v2 Trinity boot times across the board

    TX Product(s) used: DemoN, Proto v2 Console Type: Trinity NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 2.0.16747 CB version: 9188 Image of Proto v2: (attached to my post) Images of close-up soldering to motherboard: (attached to my post) Description of problem: Boot times are erratic and can range from 20...
  9. D

    Lifted RB Pad on DemoN - Trinity Console

    I installed a Demon In one of my consoles, but wasn't able to get it glitching. I put my Proto v2 in my other slim console that I have, and got it glitching, and wanted my DemoN in that console. I removed it from my other console and put it in the console that I wanted, but in the process lifted...
  10. A

    GENERAL Which is better for Glitching? Trinity or Corona ?

    Hi.... I am looking for a Slim to buy.. I just want to know if there is any difference between Trinity and Corona in terms of glitching and which is easier to mod, or if there is any other major difference between the two. Also, do I have to look for any particular version of Corona, such v1,v2...
  11. R

    RGH I need help...

    First of all, i want to say hi because i'm new in here, i have a few questions and i hope you guys could help me. I have a Xbox 360, that i think it's a Corona v2 because it's MFR date is : 2011-09-01 but the power source is 12V 10,83A so i don't know if it's a V2 or a Trinity. But my question...
  12. N

    ANSWERED E81 on trinity repair

    I've grabbed the nand and RGH'd system for key. Anyone know the next step?
  13. M

    RGH Trinity Slim 250gb Dash 16547 CR3 rev c, QSB, JRPv2 steps - April - 2014

    Could any of you Glitching Geniuses assist? I have a Trinity Slim, JR programmer V2, Cool Runner 3 Rev C and am starting with DASH 16547. TX Product(s) used:J-R Programmer V2, CR3 rev c Console Type: (Trinity). NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 2.0.16547 CB version: 9231 Screenshot of NAND...
  14. D

    Bad soldering=broken xbox...wanting to buy trinity motherboard

    I believe the motherboard in my trinity is broken, due to horrible soldering. Does anyone here sell motherboards or know of anyone who sells them? Or maybe someone or a company that can repair motherboards? Im not sure if repairing a motherboard is possible or not. i have the RDOD on my xbox...
  15. I

    ANSWERED Trinity Slim Proto v2 + SlimPost QSB V3?

    I am planing to RGH Trinity mobo and this is the things that i am planing to buy. Slim proto v2 Jr-Programmer v2 FluxPen no clean flux Is this enough to do the job? I have another question and it is regarding SlimPost QSB V3. The spots are very difficulty to solider, is there another way that...
  16. M

    Trinity Demon won't boot xell. Will boot 360 dump.

    TX Product(s) used: Demon, Proto 2 Console Type: Trinity NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 15574 CB version: 9231 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: Current: DemoN Switching to XBOX Current: DemoN Switching to XBOX Reading Nand to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My...
  17. jdoe91011

    My Completed Demon/Slim Proto V2 Install on my Slim Trinity

    I finished up installing a DemoN and a Slim Proto V2 in my Trinity last night. This was my second Proto V2 install, but my first time installing the DemoN. They work really well together, and the Slim Proto V2 is glitching within 1-2 cycles, with very little tuning. I plan on really getting it...
  18. A

    ANSWERED Which way to go? Trinity W/16D4S FW0401 LATEST DASH

    Need some help. I have a Slim with the trinity and 16D4S 0401 Drive that has been updated to the latest dash as of 1/6/2014. I want to RGH this machine and install dual nand. I want to have the ability to run retail image so that my sons can still play LIVE, but I also want the RGH benefits and...
  19. K

    FIXED Unable to boot xell

    Hi guys and girls i purchased the jr programer v2 cr3 pro ultimate kit a few days ago and have not been able to get the xbox to boot in to the xell to retrive my cpu key . info : xbox revision: trinity 10.86amp install method : full qsb install ( post qsb fully soldered to all pad corectly and...
  20. B

    RGH RGH2 error on every block when reading band

    Hi I'm very new at this RGH thing, and I'm using J-Runner with a J-R Programmer on a trinity console, I've checked my solder points on the QSB several times ( with a volt meter) at first it read the band 4 times perfectly and then i did the ecc which seemed fine and then when it went to write...