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    RGH What products should I buy for Slim Corona V1 RGH2 ?

    Hi everybody. This is my first post in this forum. I'm complete beginner. I would like to begin RGH2 with my Slim Xbox360 (Corona V1). In order to to get answer what products should I buy, I searched several tutorials and threads in this forum, but I couldn't find clear answer. One day I found...
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    Demon Install_Noob Damaged Motherboard @ D2_Taking Suggestions

    Hi all, Love this forum by the way. I have an Xbox 360E 250GB (Corona V5), and I'm trying to install TX Demon Slim using the QSB. Nothing else has been installed or removed from the motherboard other than the TX Demon Slim. Unfortunately D2 was damaged in the process and now I'm taking...
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    RGH Want dual nand rgh. I need shopping list

    i plan on making my xbox slim trintity 0225 .. dual nand with rgh. i have done a lot of reading and am getting confused because i can never find a list of what is necessary to take a trinity 0225 stock xbox and get it to boot up with dual nand so i can have rgh and a xbl safe mode. I know i...