1. V

    Updating Game in EmuNand on SD

    I would like to update the game setup in EmuNand but due to the safety issue, I am not brave enough to switch off the "Stealth Mode" and just do the update. After setup the EmuNand, I attempted to open the same game in OFW and update. The update is downloaded to OFW successfully. Then I tried...
  2. H

    XCI in cards

    Question, is it possible to get a future update which might put a XCI game in a card like Nintendo does? It would be great.
  3. G

    Updating OFW again after downgrading to 6.1

    Hi all, 3 Weeks ago I downgraded my switch. I pressed the wrong button while trying to start up a game (stupid I know). I had airplane mode on but my system had already downloaded the update to 6.2 earlier. Long story short: I downgraded my switch from 6.2 to 6.1 with NAND backup. (because of...
  4. Schmand

    Update with active emunand

    Hello together, I want to update to Version 6.1 with the "Banned Switch" method to be sure that I dont update to 6.2. Coult I get there any problem cause I have emuNAND anebled? (Done update to two other devices but with emuNAND off before, worked great) Thanks in advanced Schmand
  5. E

    Get game updates from a second switch without updating emunand?

    Hi, I'm getting a second switch and plan to keep that one official (for a while at least) to download updates officially. From there I would like to transfer the updates to the Switch using SX Pro. However, this officially requires that both switches have the same firmware and, for obvious...
  6. B

    Secure to update eShop game?

    I'd like to know if do as follow: - I install a NSP game (eShop Game) through the SX OS menu. - Turn off the console. - Turn it on again in OFW. - Turn on the online and update the game (eShop Game). Is this secure? can I get banned for just updating? thanks for your answers!
  7. Kato-Cha (LOL)

    I need update 1.2

    Hello! I need update 1.2 (is old i see), who have or where can donwload? ty for all :)
  8. S

    GENERAL How do I upgrade an xbox 360 with LTU2 and RGH installed

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. My question is how should I upgrade a xbox 360 slim dash manufactured after the year 2012 with LTU2 and RHG installed, without losing the game reading lt 3.0 and RGH safely? I would appreciate your help a lot
  9. B

    I have RGH in 14996 with xell 0.991 but I don't know how to update to the lastest das

    I have RGH in 14996 with xell 0.991 but I don't know how to update to the lastest dashboard , I've read about Flash360 and JRunner but I don't know which version I have to use and how to use it, thanks.
  10. TechManSaver

    Xbox 360 Not Reading Avatar Update On Usb Rgh

    So i have an rgh that i just did today,and i wanna go online.So i used xebuild gui to create a 17150 image and flashed it to the nand with flash360.I then wanted to go online with xblse so i needed the avatar update,so i downloaded the update and put it on the flashdrive and disabled noupdater...
  11. M

    E66 not able to update

    Hello i have buy a x-box in a yard sale, and i can't play the new came with it, i have try to make the update but it display E66. i have try online i have try with usb, still the same problem. i have made some research the reason look like it can have been tampering but i have look the...
  12. W

    Updating originalnand to new dashoard

    Alright i have a question. Can i update stock nand to new dashboard. so no xebuild image but just updating the stock nand with the newest dashboard. The reason is because i cant update the xbox. neither with usb nor internet. Maybe i can make this via j-runner? i have looked but couldnt find...
  13. D

    Updating Retail NAND

    Hey there, I'm planning to RGH my Xbox 360 Slim (Trinity) (Dash version: 16756) using CoolRunner Rev C. I also want to install Xecuter DemoN so I have an RGH NAND and an Xbox Live NAND. Before I actually do the RGH, this may be a stupid question, Would anything bad happen if I updated...
  14. A

    RGH Update Available?

    Hi guys, It's been quite a while since I don't use my Xbox 360 console; and truly don't know if there was some important update that I missed out. This is the information I could gather from my system: FreeStyle 3 Dash 3.0b rev 775 Kernel 2.016537.0 Question is if there's something I should...
  15. U

    Jr Programmer V2 driver install

    I am having trouble installing drivers on the jr programmer v2. my device manager detects in as a "usb input device". What would be the solution to this?
  16. C

    GENERAL What mod is this?????

    This xbox will not update to any dash. It is stuck on 13604. Don't know if that has to do with this mod that I recently discovered(see picture) after opening it up due to e74 error. Thank you very much.
  17. C

    safe to update on LT 2.0?

    dead island riptide is asking to install update for the game, if I do will I lose my flash? I don`t go online btw
  18. S

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Dashboard Update

    Hi, I recently falshed my xbox with thelatest ixtreme firmware and replaced the PCB, all works perfect, but now my xbox is asking to update the dashboard, is this safe? or I have to reflash? Currently I have version 2.0.16202.2 Thanks!
  19. T

    X360USB PRO Why doesn't TX update driver?

    Why doesn't Team-Xecuter update the X360USB Pro V1 Driver to be updated to the latest libusb-win32 drivers and have them signed properly to avoid any issues such as having to disable driver signature enforcement? I understand there are methods to make the drivers install, but I think it would...
  20. M

    GENERAL HELP!! Will rebuilding/flashing nand fix a falcon mobo stuck in update loop??

    I purchased a falcon xbox a few months ago that was stuck in an update loop the owner had tried to update it when it had a hitachi drive spoofed as a liteon. this is the error i get I installed a liteon flashed with the correct key and several firmware versions, and I have tried updating it...