1. A

    GENERAL Updating flashed xbox 360 slim!!

    Hi i want to flash my 360 slim back...it was flash before but i play online a lot so xbox sent an ipdate and i update it through usb so i can keep playing online now i want to flash it back. What do i need? i have a usb to sata adapter but i hvnt flash before somebady did it for me so idk what...
  2. Y

    New dashboard update

    Since I can't post anywhere else I'll have to post here. Microsoft just released a new dashboard (16197) update today for Xbox Live here's a couple pics. (Sorry for terrible quality)
  3. X

    I little direction for updating to 15574

    I know opening a new thread for a question that has been probably asked a million times is not welcomed, but please understand that the massive number of posts and information available have made me a little confused. So please accept my apologies beforehand.. I have expertise in mobile modding...
  4. S

    RGH Getting Kinect to work on 14719 dashboard

    Hey all, First time here, got my first xbox today- Gears of war 3 edition (RGH). I attached my kinect to the new system and it asked for an update. I searched previous posts on the forum and saw that I needed to download an update from www.xbox.com/update, put it on a USB and make sure the...
  5. C

    Rss feed

    Hello im wondering if anyone has a chrome Rss feed that "warns" when a new xbox live update (or new flash update). If you do please post here, thank you.
  6. Jos Dekker

    ANSWERED Update retail nand to 14719 - Demon

    Hi, I have a question about updating from 14699 to 14719 and whats the best way to do it. Actual situation for a Slim trinity with a rgh1 Installed a while ago Coolrunner Rev.a and updated with j-runner from 14699 to a 14719 glitch image. This is working fine. Today i installed my Demon...
  7. H

    Slim Dash 14719 to 15574

    Hi, have a question. I have done a trinity with Dash 14719 Is it right that i can create a 15574 and after flashing using normal MS$ Avatar Update? or is it better for the moment to stay with 14719?
  8. J

    Nand X USB Update cable Failed to Autobaud

    Hi i recently bought a Nand X USB update cable to update my NAND X device to be able to program my coolrunner chip,i installed the drives for the nand x usb update cable, now it shows as COM 3 in my device manager, then i followed the second part of this tutorial...
  9. Z

    LITEON 93450 xbox bricked after 2.0.14719.0 update

    Hello, I have a jasper which was flashed with LT2.0 after I inserted the Sniper Elite disk it was asking me if I want to update and by mistake I hit yes and it started to update the system. After the first reboot I got the error that the disk cannot be read and it hanged there. Not having any...
  10. fury-fx

    ANSWERED Kinect update required

    I recently reset glitched my slim. I flashed my console with a freeboot 14717 image. My problem is that I can't run kinect games in Freestyle Dash, I get an error message saying that a system update is required. If I try to play from NXE, I don't get the system update required error message and...
  11. E

    RGH NAND X update cble

    Hi today ive received my NAND x USB udate cable:crazy: . I was so happy to plug it in and update it finally :D but thats where my hapinees ends and i am really quite annoyed . The same problem i had with ck3 ,failed to autobaud . i was wodering maybe someone could teamviewer me and get this s**t...
  12. C

    Preconfiguring nands

    Is it possible to include kinect/avatar data from the official update in the (bb) nand? Or is it possible to copy the update to the flash memory manually, without having to go through the update process. Is there a way to skip all the dashboard intro crap automatically? Can kinect config...
  13. V

    ANSWERED TX PCB Update Error

    Hello. I've just bought my TX replacement PCB (not fake, double checked it), because i've managed to kill my original PCB with bad flash. So, my xbox is dash 12625, original PCB 9504 (not mislabelled) and i want to update to latest dash and then flash to LT+3.0. I've downloaded USB update. I...
  14. U

    ANSWERED Help please

    Hi, i'm not english. I flashed a 9504 with lt3.0, then i updated the dashboard and it didnt let me update :( and entered in an update loop :facepalm: Then i try to reflash to stock but BANG i connected power cable in the wrong way and something in the drive burnt!!:facepalm: Please i don't know...
  15. H

    GENERAL HELP with IHAS problem asap please

    OK well i have been reading all over the place to see if anyone else has had this problem but nobody has... my problem is when i try to update my ihas with the updates from firmware hq they wont work. When i go to run the updater it says it has encountered a problem and needs to close. Any clue...
  16. M

    Update a nand x with a diy update cable?

    [Answered]Update a nand x with a diy update cable? noob alert I want to update my nand x to nandpro 3 and I really dont want to shell out $12+sh and handling for an update cable. Is there a cheaper, sloppier, home made alternative???:confused: ps I do have a lpt and com port on my...
  17. J

    NANDX - Not updating to v3 using CK3i (Error while Programming Device)

    Hi, I have an error while programming the NAND-X with the latest v3 code using the CK3i and the Ck3i to NAND-X update cable. I have a MOLEX PSU and Windows 7 64 bit. Actually I usually got the "Autobad error" unless I press the Reset button in the NAND-X and just when releasing the button I...
  18. T

    JUNGLE FLASHER Spoofed liteon to benqOFW and updated?

    so i flashed my benq to play my back ups and use a liteon for 0800 ripping, and i spoofed my benq info to the liteon, flashed it to Official Firmware, and updated with it.. seems to be fine no ban or anything, but for future reference is this a bad idea?
  19. R

    LITEON 93450 Not sure where to start...

    My xbox is a lite-on 93450c with LT 1.1 I put in a newer back-up of a game, and it updated my xbox.. now i cant do anything - its stuck on a message saying "Cant read the update from the disc. Please reinsert the disc to continue the update." and the status code is "3151 - 335A - B800 - 0F00 -...
  20. P

    nand-x software update problem

    Hello! I apologize in advance for my English! So .. Today I was trying to update my nand-x to version 3.0 so that it can be programmed or Xecuter cool runner with a quick assembly, without any time to connect all LPT interface .. soldering, desoldering ...! But while I was trying to update a...