1. ppkpatrick

    ANSWERED Possible to update nand x with Blaster?

    just wondering if it was possible to update the nand x firmware using a blaster ck3,as i only have a ck3 lite and the blaster,thanks.
  2. T

    NEWBS GUIDE: What error code ending in "c000-0099" means when updating the Dashboard

    NEWBS GUIDE: What error code ending in "c000-0099" means when updating the Dashboard I have read a lot of people having troubles with this, there's a few reasons why this error code is appearing on your screen when trying to update your Xbox 360 system. I have poked around on Google and on Team...
  3. T

    E66 update error on flashed console easy fix, no reflash to stock

    By trial and luck I've found a way to update a flashed console to the newest dashboard in order to play new release games like gears of war 3 ! I had a flashed console that kept coming up e66 every time I tried to update. Instead of flashing back to stock and then updating, I was able to update...
  4. B

    LITEON 9504 9504 - 0272 - TX PCB

    Waiting to update one unit to the latest dash, currently 12625, with the TX PCB and I have a slim witht the 9504/0272 drive. Have searched but can't find an answer. Does anyone know if I will have to reattach the original pcb to perform future updates? Might just wait if that is the case...
  5. I

    LITEON DG-16D2S PHAT drives question...

    will the owners of PHAT drives, like liteon dg-16d2s, have to keep flashing back to STOCK and then reflashing with LT+x.x every update? I mean, as long as they can't be locked, M$ could keep flashing them every update...
  6. J

    LITEON 83850 v1 Trying to update Phat Liteon

    Purchased Kinect in July prior to last update. Went back to stock and updated with no problem at all. Haven't been on XBOXlive since. Popped on last week and saw the new update. I did the same thing - back to stock and got the C000-0099 error. Tried updating with USB also, but my xbox wouldn't...
  7. G

    GENERAL Update console flashed to lt+ 1.9

    Hey sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm new to the scene Im in the middle of a move so I dont have my flashing gear with me so imwas wondering if it was safe to update to the new 13599 dash without flashing to stock if I use the offline update method through USB. Thanks in advance for...
  8. C

    LITEON 83850 v2 which stock firmware do i use

    i have lite on 16d2s 83850 with dash 2.0.13146.0 which is now 02510c before i take new dash update do i flash back to ofw 83850 or is there a o2510c ofw that i need to get thanks in advance
  9. W

    LITEON 93450 Update Clarification?

    Yes I know this is a really stupid question, but just to clarify, it is okay to flash back to lt+ 1.9 after the update and continue playing non AP2.5 backups right? And I have some friends with flashed boxes who are wondering if it is okay to update without flashing to stock does anybody know if...
  10. ppkpatrick

    July 19 Update Failing

    I re-flashed my Benq back to stock today so I could update and play my non backups,but at the end of the update it failed saying "Status Code: 335A-351f-1380-0702-c000-oo99" just wondering if anybody else had this problem.
  11. B

    GENERAL People with Slims don't bother updating your wasting your time

    Why? you cant play on live so don't think you can without being flagged Well for 1 your wasting your time because its not live safe and 2 the firmware is not released why go thru the hassle because once LT1.9/2.0 is out your going to have to take your box apart again to flash it again i really...
  12. T

    LITEON 83850 v2 May Dashboard update and game compatability.

    Hello :) Im new here so please go easy on me and feel free to relocate the post if I am in the wrong place. I have some experience flashing xboxes (mostly BenQs and Samsungs) but today I have fitted a LTswitch to a Liteon 83850c v2 and managed to flash it as normal. My question is, if I...
  13. L

    Update to LT+1.1 worth it?

    Hello, I did some research, and the only difference I could find between Ixtreme 1.51 and LT+ 1.1 for the old Hitachi drives is "updated to conform to LT+ standards." I know it sounds like a stupid question, but its not easy to flash drives with my motherboard, and I'm scarred to brick the...
  14. M

    9.4 gb dl dvd

    Perhaps this will be what we need to start backin up with the extra storage found on the new XGD3 discs. Found this on newegg a little while ago. Verbatim 9.4GB 3X DVD-RAM Single Jewel Case Disc Model 95003 - OEM http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817130032
  15. R

    GENERAL [Info] New Firmware

    Hi, recently I extracted the new drives firmware directly from the update 2.0.13146.0 and i realized that the interval of inquiry, identify and serial come with values, someone that extracted the firmware directly from your drive can confirm that this values are for all drives. I do not know...
  16. T

    SAMSUNG MS28 Won't read ANY Disc after update!!!

    Hello guys, I flashed a friend's Samsung MS28 from LT FW to the Stock FW I dumped months ago so he could update. So the update went successful, however No Discs will boot now!!! I tried the Halo Reach disc given to update beta testers, and it was a no go, it says "Open Tray." Then, I tried...
  17. C

    system Update

    Phat Xbox flashed with LT firmware
  18. T

    ANSWERED is this correct?

    sorry if this has already been answered( im sure it has) but i cant find it anywhere on the forums. so from what im understanding, if i have a flashed lite-on 9504, i need to wait til the new firmware is released, flash back to the stock firmware, update dashboard, then reflash with the new...
  19. W

    Dashboard Update Safety

    So I just heard today that there will be a dash update tomorrow (I wasn't on xecuter in a while), and I've never had a flashed 360 during a major dash update before. So I'm wondering all the necessary precautions. I've heard lots of people saying that you should flash your drive back to stock...
  20. T

    LITEON 9504 how can i be sure that i always have the latest firmware to lower risk of ban?

    sorry if this is a dumb question guys, but ive only flashed an xbox once and that was with the latest Lt+ for the 9504. if a newer version is released, will it be announced in front page news?