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    if i update netflix after flashing my drive, what will happen?

    i havent logged on to xbox live since i flash my drive. i have not updated anything since december of 2010. will anything bad happen if i update?
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    Will the new dash be a mandatory update?

    will the new dashboard be a required update, or will it be just required to play on xbox live?
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    kinect sensor update

    ok. sorry if i missed this in someone elses posts but... i just got the new kinect dashboard.. yay. but when i hook up my actual kinect sensor it says i need an update. now i know i cant go on live because of my jtag. i was wondering if any of yall could help me with this issue. or even slap me...
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    I need help updating my Lite On to LT+

    I had my lite-on 93450c flashed to LT V1.1 by a guy i payed. He gave me my drive's original firmware(.bin file). I've read a lot of posts on here. I believe i can connect my drive directly to my PC using a sata cable(because i have my .bin file). This is what i don't know: Do i need to leave my...
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    New Dash 12611 and AP 2.5

    I was wondering I have three Jtagged Xboxs, two Xenons and one Zephyr (CB4580 running as Falcon 5770). First thanks to the people of this site for helping with the Zephyr board with the http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55189 it worked wonders for me, but on to my question. I have...
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    HD from live updated box to jtag box

    Is there any danger in using a hd that was used on a live updated 360 on a jtagged 360? I don't want to take any chances..