1. Y

    Multiple partitions / usb sticks

    Hi, It seems that currently only one partition is reachable from the file browser. Would love to see that fixed in a future update.
  2. H

    Please Create Option to Auto Eject Gamecard on 2.2.1 BETA - Handheld

    A new feature in 2.2.1 BETA is to auto eject gamecard when USB is disconnected. This is a problem in handheld mode. When the switch goes to sleep in handheld, it cuts the power to the usb port, thereby "disconnecting" the drive. When the Switch wakes up again from sleep, you can't resume your...
  3. B

    X360USB PRO Blow Pro V2

    Sorry for my English. Last accidentally I gave on the PRO V2 instead of 5V - 12V with current limit set at 1.5A. The result is a heating 1U13 IC. Currently, the programmer takes about 200 mA at 5V (without drive), while earlier the same programmer fetch about 20 mA. I would like to replace...
  4. I

    Demon External Board

    I had a demon install done by Oggy and got my console back this week but was having a little issue with the board on the back. It's not been grounded and wasn't connected when I received it, but as far as I am aware it should still work when trying to switch the nand. The demon is read by...
  5. A

    JTAG Need help really bad

    Hello my name is angel i have an xbox arcade and it was flash till i update it i really want to play games from an external harddrive and the only way i saw to do that is with xexmenu i thing im really noob with xbox things i would like to know how to jtag my xbox. would some one give me a full...
  6. K

    Install game from usb

    hello, can somebody help me regarding how to install a iso file on xbox 360 which is jtagged from a usb. I already have the iso file which i copied from the disc as the lens of my xbox cd rom are not working. Kindly tell from the beginning as i don't know much about xbox programming. I have a...
  7. A

    RGH won't detect Fat32 External HD

    I have a 2TB external seagate harddrive, formatted FAT32 on primary partition, and FSD will not recognize it. When I load my stock dash I see it in the device menu, but there it says that the USB is not formatted correctly. I've reformatted the drive to Fat32 but still no luck. I also have a...
  8. D

    [USA] Looking for Slim DemoN External USB Board

    Looking for Slim DemoN + Repair I'm looking for a Slim DemoN. The one in my trinity no longer works with any PC I attach it to. Looking to buy a new DemoN to have it replaced. Would be great if seller could also do the repair! -Dwack
  9. G

    LPT to USB Adapter

    Hey! I've just finished up my soldering and was stupid enough to not check if i even had an LPT port on my computer. so i ordered an LPT to Usb port online. Will that work or will i just have to trash the whole project?
  10. B

    External cases with ihas?

    I was gonna buy a x360 USB pro 2 but there pretty pricy. So can I use any external case for the ihas?? And if so can someone tell me of a good one.
  11. Daddylonglegs

    NAND-X USB; read NAND fine, flash fine, console won't boot (pics included)

    Hey everyone. Been buying Team Xecuter stuff since the original XBox and have never been let down, so I am roughly 99% sure the issue with this is something I'm doing wrong :) I bought the NAND-X USB a while back when I learned my Jasper had a dashboard that was jtaggable. I soldered...
  12. A

    Xbox 360 USB Drive Idea

    I have stumbled across information that the Xbox 360 can now use more than 16GB of USB storage space allowing people to store more content that doesn't fit on a hacked 320gb WD HDD. First Sighting: Official Confirmation...
  13. D

    quick question about x360usb pro v2 power

    hi, i was wondering if jungle flasher is supposed to be able to detect and/or flash your drive while plugged into x360usb pro2 without using any external power source (ie. just through usb) because i have been getting malformed data returns and have always used either an old xbox or an external...
  14. S

    HDDHackr with USB

    So I was planning on using HDDHackr so I could use a 250 GB drive for my Xbox (as shown in this guide) but I don't have an available SATA port that I can use. So I was wondering if I could use a SATA to USB adapter or an enclosure and still have the process work the same way? Thanks
  15. I

    x360usb Pro v2 Drivers Not Installing (Have Tried Everything)

    My usb pro v2 has worked great for weeks! I have flashed about 10 drives, until today I was going to flash a lite-on and jf wouldn't detect the drive. After screwing with it for a while, jf wouldn't even detect usb pro v2. I tried uninstalling the drivers and re-installing, but my x360usb pro v2...

    [AUSTRALIA] In need of Xbox wireless adaptor (N) USB cable

    All I need is the cable, not the board. Looking for a decent price.
  17. A

    Few questions on what to do with a rgh'd falcon

    So I successfully rgh'd my falcon on 14699 and Installed fsd into it. The DVD drive will not read disks. Is there a way I can swap it with another drive I have from a xenon that works without using the sata connections as I am running a Mac. I do have a NAND-x if I can use that. Also, can I run...
  18. G

    X360USB PRO can i use USB2SATA insted

    hi, can i just use the usb2sata converter insted of the USBPRO? 10x
  19. T

    Please Need A Professional Opinion

    My brother wants to play my backups of my games on a seperate console and wants Xbox live been looking into the just burning backups and know its not safe online but found another resolution the xk3y usb bootloader and the x360 dock usb boot loader. Which one should i get ? Also is it safe online?
  20. P

    CK3 LITE CK3 Lite Serial to usb

    Hello I updated my xbox yesterday via xbox live, and it seems that my drive has now been reset to stock firmware. So i wanna flash it again. I dont have any of the required hardware except a VIA card. I am thinking about buying a probe and a CK3 Lite. I dont have any COM ports, so i was...