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    couple of quick questions about the x360 usb pro

    is it me or is this item not listed under the xecuter products tab on the main page? currently i am having a problem with my pc freezing when i click lite-on erase. will the x360usb help me with that if i buy it? and is it compatible with a laptop? sorry to bombard questions but i cant even...
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    LITEON 9504 Xbox360usb pro questions!!!

    So I'm super new to this. Like..I just register Today and I have a few short question. So forgive me if im being a noob and couldnt find a post similar to this. 1) So with the xbox360usb pro I can just connect it to my laptop through a USB port? 2) What are molex cables? Im doing this through a...
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    ANSWERED X360USB with conectivity kit v2?

    I stumbled upon this site ( and saw a pre-order for the X360USB... 1. $54.95 is the lowest I have seen! 2. It says it comes with connectivity kit V2 I don't know if it is going to be bundled in or if they...
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    x360USB PRO Noob Flashing Questions? HELP!

    Hello there, before I begin let me say I'm a noob at flashing xbox's and need some help lol. I only have experience with JTAG and Modding gamesave etc. Well, my cousin flashes my xbox when new fw updates come out. I send it to him, he flashes, he sends it back. But it is a pain to keep doing...
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    Problem Connecting XBlaster to PC

    What driver(s) (if any) do I need to have my PC recognize the XBlaster CK3 Pro?When I power on and plug in - I get an "Install Driver" pop up from windows. I've tried automatically installing but no luck. The drive is a 93450C so I don't think I need to install the CK3 USB Drivers v1.2.225...
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    Questions about 7485

    Ok, so my situation is as follows. I have the LiteOn 7450C drive, and I am looking for a solder-less solution. I know that I will need the CK3 probe (planning on buying the original), and I’ve also read that I need the CK3 Lite or Pro. My dilemma is that I am using a macbook pro (with Windows...
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    Team Xecuter Nand-X USB 360 Programmer Kit

    Hi Guys I finally got my: Team Xecuter Nand-X USB 360 Programmer Kit and super excited. My xbox360 is a xenon and bought soon after they come out. I tried to do my own jtag but was unsuccessful, with diodes, and resistors on the ltp connector. I have a very short cable like 15 cm's. Any way I...
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    Lite-On Flash Success with USB SATA to USB device?

    Hey guys. This is my first post as well as first go at the whole mod thing. Please forgive me or be patient with my lack of experience. Thanks! After researching all the different possiblilities to flash my Lite on Drive, I figured I would give it a shot afterall, I did have a COD M2 iso...
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    Blaster ck3 w/ Lite-on

    I have looked through the forums and read the tutorial, but I can still not fond out if I need to use SATA along with the USB. It sounds to me like I only need USB but it also makes sense to need SATA. So my question is, with the Lite-On drive, do I only need to use USB or do I need to use SATA...
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    Solderless Nand-X Add-on

    Any chance of you guys producing a retail version of this: See: I would if I was able to but in lieu of that I would love to see someone else manufacture these. So How about it Team-X?
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    usb problem

    at first sorry for my english ;) i got the following problem: i connected everything like said in the tutorial ( and my liteon can be seen on the left side in jungleflasher with the correct information but i´m not able to choose a com...