vendor intro failed

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    X360USB PRO Can't Enter Vendor Mode in Jungleflasher - Xbox 360 Slim MXIC 16D5S Liteon 1175

    Hello everyone, I am having an extremely difficult time getting this drive into vendor mode. I have my X360USB pro v2 connected and click Slim Key to get drive key for the drive. It keeps telling me "MTKVendor Intro failed". I cycle on/off the drive when prompted and I keep getting error...
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    TX PCB cannot get into vendor mode

    Hi guys, This is my first post but i have been following the tutorials and forum posts on this website for over a year and have flashed 12 different xbox 360's so i just wanted to say thanks a million to all the great contributors and moderators before i ask my question. As the title says I...
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    SAMSUNG MS28 Not getting to vendor mode ( Status 0xD1 )

    Hello, I busted my liteon drive ( connected the power supply inverted) and it stopped working. Then I got a replacement drive, but it is a samsung m28. Now I want to flash the drive so my original keys goes there. Here comes the problem: I don´t know which firmware is on the drive, but JF...