1. JB Tech

    RGH Some questions.

    First of all let me introduce myself (i know there is an introduction thread for this) link here -> http://team-xecuter.com/forums/forums/194-Introduce-Yourself%21 so there's no need to remind me that. My name is Jero and I'm from Argentina, I work as an electronic technician where I repair all...
  2. X

    RGH Tips & Tricks

    I am currently installing a coolrunner onto a jasper This is not my first rgh, It occured to me some difficulties people without any experience can face All this is my opinion and preference Somebody attempting soldering and coolrunner installation for the first time should be aware of...
  3. X

    Quick question about Nand wire install

    Hey, nice to see the forums back up.. I was wondering, after I read/write to my nand, do I have to de-solder the wires from the direct wire install or can I leave them be and plug it into my JR Programmer whenever I need to mess with the nand again? Any answers/info is greatly appreciated...
  4. jdoe91011

    ANSWERED Need to replace a wire in my RJTAG. I have these 2, which one do you suggest using?

    Hi guys, so I've got my RJTAG working, but when I installed it, I made the blue CPU_RST wire too short, so the RJTAG chip isn't able to sit on my DVD drive correctly. I want to replace this short CPU_RST wire with a wire of appropriate length, so my RJTAG chip can sit properly, and I can close...
  5. X

    HELP! Xbox SLIM installing LEDs

    Im looking for an answer on how I would wire LEDs into a slim so there only on when you turn the console on. I was thinking I would wire them where the fan connects but im looking for a 5v source and I think the fan is 12v (please confirm if fan is 12v). Also what are the blue and yellow wires...
  6. ppkpatrick

    nand x alternate point

    need an alternative for the yellow nand wire with the nand x,i have all other wires installed but havig trouble with the yellow one.