1. M

    RGH A few questions - need help

    Hello, i have a few questions. I have a Corona V1, with the 16537 dash, is the RGH 2 the way i must do, right? Im a bit confused on the steps, tell me if i'm wrong: 1-Read Nand (2 or more times until i compare it and "are the same") 2-Write the nand with the Xell 3-Install the chip on the...
  2. oblivioncth

    RGH Phat: Comfirming Wiring

    I had a thread for this but it got removed. I guess for inactivity so sorry about that. Well anyways this is my first time doing a phat and I just got the fans fixed so I now have pictures of the soldering. I want to make sure that my wiring is correct for an RGH 1.0 Falcon, as I saw a few...
  3. W

    GameStop Refurbished DVD Power Alternate Wiring

    look at this crazy wiring
  4. C

    Replacement Wiring Harness?

    Hi guys! Instead of searching, since I know this is probably not been asked, I read each topic for the first 4 pages. Anyways on with my question. The wiring harness that plugs into the nandx unit and you solder to the 360 board to read the nand. Well after doing quite a lot of jtags, the...