x360usb pro v2

  1. J

    X360USB PRO Is this X360USB Pro V2 Genuine?

    Delete Delete this please
  2. T

    X360USB PRO I need help slim key unlock error

    When I try to dump my slim key in JF I keep getting a slim key unlock error and it fails which all the research Ive done says this problem is solved buy getting an x360usb pro, there's just one problem there with that. I'm using an x360usb pro rv2 and still getting the error on the liteon 0272...
  3. Dragkhar

    X360USB V2 Pro, VS the Maximus

    I personally use the X360PRO v2, its always worked great with no complaints. Although I've been seeing the theMaximus Lizard pop up in forums and I was just wondering what your input was about this product. On one article I read it dumps more data for newer drives. I've never read about the 360...
  4. I

    LITEON DG-16D2S Where can I purchase a complete hardware flash package for xbox 360 phat Lite-on DVD?

    I have an XBox 360 fat with a... DVD: Phillips Lite-On February 2009 DG-16D2S HW/Ver: A0A2 FW Ver: 74850C +All XBox 360 updates to 2/7/14 I would like to purchase a bundle consisting of all hardware necessary to flash ... Flash Package: Xecuter X360USB PRO v2 Xecuter CK3 Probe 3 or ...
  5. C

    [win7x32sp1] X360USB Pro v2 no ck3i device in device manager

    I have seen a couple of posts about not seeing the ck3i device in device manager and have had no luck sorting it out (I have no unknown device, no ports, and no devices with an !). I probed the power supply and I am seeing 12v, not sure which wires to check on other side to see if power is...
  6. R

    ANSWERED Question about flashing with X360USB PRO V2

    I just bought a used Phat Xbox that was never opened. I am currently trying to flash the BenQ dvd drive that came with it, but whenever I boot up Jungleflasher the top left LED goes from green(WINAPI) to red(PORTIO). Also it tells me the DVD key isn't found even though this Xbox was never opened...
  7. T

    X360USB PRO X360USB PRO V2 Driver help

    Hey @all.. I've just got a little problem. Whatever i do my CKi Driver wont come up just the X360USB PIO Driver (which is not installed) BTW: Sry for my bad english, im from Germany. ♥
  8. B

    X360USB PRO x360usb pro v2 drivers fail to install

    I have been working on this x360usb pro v2 to work for a week now and it still refuses to install. I gotten my regular x360 to work with no problem and my CK31. I've followed this tut and many others on here: http://www.team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86682 Does the x360usb pro v2...
  9. 0

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM What product(s) do I need

    I currently have the xbox360 4gb (slim) with a lighton 16D4S 0225 Firmware. My goal is to be able to play my backed up games (once I am able to back them up - will search online). I am considering purchasing the "X360USB PRO V2" but am wondering what else I need? I see some posts saying I...
  10. F

    X360USB PRO x360usb Pro v2 -- LibUSB-Win32 not present

    Hi there, I've tried installing the x360USB Pro v2 on two machines, one that had a V1 installed, another that never had either ever attached before. "Xecuter CK3i USB Controller" showed up on both, but "X360USB Pro 64" didn't show up on either. I've looked around the forums, tried...
  11. M

    ANSWERED v2 tips...got mine running, hope this helps others as well

    ALL COLORED TEXT WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BLUE SIDE-NOTES ARE CLICKABLE LINKS TO THE CONTENT FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. ENJOY!! First off, I don't need any help, and am just currently restricted to the noob section for my lack of postings, not my expertise and/or experience. Secondly, I did have minor...
  12. J

    ANSWERED Just bought x360usb pro 2..could use help!

    Hey guys so from before I used to use my desktop to flash my Xbox..but that desktop got too slow so I wanted a USB approach, I went ahead and preordered the X360USB Pro 2. It came in today and I installed the drivers and it was recognized in windows 7. For some odd reason however, there was no...
  13. J

    Should I wait v2 of X360usb?

    Hi people, before u banme for life, i swear that searched for "x360usb version 2" in all ways, spent 2 hours reading, and i didnt find the answer. I have an 0225 slim and wait pattienly for c4 to release his fw, my slim is brand new (since January), never go on XBLive, actually only played...