x360usb pro

  1. Y

    Need x360usb pro USA

    Need an x360usb pro in United States. Please contact if you have one for sale.
  2. J

    X360USB PRO Shows as Unknown Device

    Hi Peoples, I am new here and I would really appreciate any help I can get. My X360USB PRO shows up as an Unknown device everytime I plug it into the usb port. I try uninstalling all the drives associated with the x360usb and plugging it in again and it always installs it as an unknown device. I...
  3. T

    X360USB PRO Why doesn't TX update driver?

    Why doesn't Team-Xecuter update the X360USB Pro V1 Driver to be updated to the latest libusb-win32 drivers and have them signed properly to avoid any issues such as having to disable driver signature enforcement? I understand there are methods to make the drivers install, but I think it would...
  4. S

    My xbox 360 slim 0225 replaced pcb is not detecting.

    my xbox 360 replaced with unlockedPCB v1.1 is not detecting in my computer. i got ck3i and x360usb pro. X360usb pro is detecting in my pc and xbox 360 replaced unlockedpcb drive is not detecting and it is showing an error 0x80!!!! what should i do now i got all xecuter product and still it is...
  5. A

    LITEON 0225 Reading Bank 0 dump failed with X360USB PRO help!!!

    hi guys,before i used a via card 6421 and was unable to flash my xbox 360 slim lite0n 0225 drive because jungleflasher kept giving me "Reading Bank 0 dump failed" error so.....i decided to purchase the X360USB PRO as its compatable with the slim drives but it gives me the same error:( it does...
  6. L

    93450c mod gone wrong with blaster ck3

    Hi, Two years ago I purchased an XBOX360 with the intention of installing it in my recreation room. I didn't touch the thing for a year at which time I decided to devise a mod so that I could place the console in a small adjacent room. The console is an arcade system with a 93450C DVD drive...
  7. T

    LITEON 74850 Update the firm with x360usb pro + probe 3 + ck3i

    Hi. first of all, excuse my poor English, but I'm from Argentina. I have a: xbox fat , liteon 74850c of april 2009 Also I have the following tools: x360usb pro + ck3i + probe 3 Please who can help me? I want to change the firmware on my console
  8. J

    ANSWERED Just bought x360usb pro 2..could use help!

    Hey guys so from before I used to use my desktop to flash my Xbox..but that desktop got too slow so I wanted a USB approach, I went ahead and preordered the X360USB Pro 2. It came in today and I installed the drivers and it was recognized in windows 7. For some odd reason however, there was no...
  9. S

    X360USB PRO X360USB PRO Repair?

    So I received an X360USB PRO from someone, but it seems to be acted weird/not working at all . When you plug it in the power light comes on and so doses PORTIO, but it seems like the LEDs are flickering. Windows does not detect it, even with the drivers installed. I took it out of the case and...
  10. K

    GENERAL Keep getting open trey every time i flash

    Hi guys happy Holidays i am having a bit of a problem i recently bought a x360usb bro and a ck3i with a prob 3 from xconsoles . i bought it to flash me and my friends xbox's and i always follow the tutorials from here . but at the end i always end up with the open trey error . i don't know what...
  11. I

    LITEON 74850 Jungleflasher error while trying to flashing to stock

    I am trying to use JungleFlasher v0.1.90 Beta (293) on windows 7 64x to flash back to stock before updating to the new dashboard but Whenever I open it I get this error "cant install portio64 driver! press F8 at boot to 'disable driver signature enforcement' or test sign the driver to run in...
  12. W

    320 hd not recognized in 360

    I made a raw image of my 250 and tried moving it to the new slim 320... Now xbox will not recognize my 320.. I tried to reparation and reformat with hdd hacker but no lick of luck... Somebody please point me in the right direction to get 320 slim hdd working in the 360
  13. K

    Having continous problems with my X360USB Pro

    I'm having a problem where my computer is detecting my x360usb pro as an "unknown device". I haven't used it in a little while and have formatted my Hard Drive and resintalled my OS since so the drivers for it have to be reinstalled but won't. I tried finding drivers for it as an unknown...
  14. Q

    i need a dummy.bin

    Liteon 0225 Xbox 360 Slim I just bought an xk3y off the internet which cost over 100 bucks. i was looking up installation tutorials when i realized i needed a dummy.bin to use the xk3y. I don't have a x360usb pro or anything of the sort needed to dump my drive. i spent all my money on the xk3y...
  15. Z

    LITEON 9504 Replacement pcb problem

    I got the pcb from ck3.co.uk and when i removed the wires from the old pcb and solder them directly on the new(didn't use the small board i know how to solder didnt need it) and connect everything back, so i can connect the drive on the pc and flash it , my computer couldn't find the drive i...
  16. D

    X360USB PRO So confused with JungleFlasher, help!

    Right so i've connected my X360USB Pro to my CK3Pro with Probe 3. Now i've ran JungleFlasher and already I've come across problems! First of all JungleFlasher hasn't verified the DVD Key, instead it hasn't even come up as 'Found', second of all I don't know which COMS port I need to select...
  17. D

    CK3 PRO CK3 Pro + CK3 Probe 3

    I've just brought a CK3 Pro with the Probe 3 - along with the X360USB Pro - but I'm already confused and i've only just got to taking things out of the bag! I feel so stupid asking, but can anyone help me/send me a link to a tutorial how to put the Pro and the Probe together so I can actually...
  18. Happyhobo

    X360USB PRO Topic: X360PRO USB+CK3 Lite/CK3 Pro with the CK3 Probe

    Firstly, please excuse if this is both a stupid question and also if it doesn't belong in this catagory (please feel free to move it accordingly). I'm considering flashing my xbox for the first time, but need some help. I have a Liteon Model Number: DG-16D2S with FW version 74850C - so I...
  19. N

    X360USB PRO+JF doesn't detect LiteOn 93450C

    Hi! :) As per thread title, I've a problem with my X360USB PRO: JF detect the 360usb dut doesnt' detect the drive on 0x0000 My hardware is: - X360USB PRO (vers. 0.18) - CK3 Probe III - CK3 PRO - Drive: LiteOn 93450C - Last dashboard installed 1st TEST - I've installed the driver of...
  20. G

    Data transfer from Phat to Slim

    I've connected my Xbox 360 Elite 120GB drive to my PC by a CK3 Pro, HDD adapter and X360USB Pro. I've downloaded Party Buffale Drive Explorer and 360RS. What I want to do is transfer the savegames to my new Xbox 360 Slim 250GB drive. I want to be sure that I'm doing the thing well. So...