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    X360USB PRO Can't Enter Vendor Mode in Jungleflasher - Xbox 360 Slim MXIC 16D5S Liteon 1175

    Hello everyone, I am having an extremely difficult time getting this drive into vendor mode. I have my X360USB pro v2 connected and click Slim Key to get drive key for the drive. It keeps telling me "MTKVendor Intro failed". I cycle on/off the drive when prompted and I keep getting error...
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    RGH Console does not power after writing ECC - RGH CoolRunner Rev A with QSB CR Upgrade

    Hello Guys, I am working on am xbox 360 Slim - Corona of a friend of mine. I have installed [CoolRunner Rev:A] with the [QSB CR Upgrade For Corona]. When working with J-Runner on the initial run, I did the following: 1. clicked [?] next to motherboard and it detected the corona. 2. Did two...
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    Xbox 360 Slim (RGH) corona v1 boot screen freeze issue

    Hello everyone, I have having Xbox 360 slim (Corona v1, 250GB) console. Used x360Ace to RGH the box. Till sometimes it was working fine. But now I have started experiencing freeze on startup. The freeze is also very unusual. It freezes sometimes at the start basically 5-6 times. After that it...
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    Take mods online?

    I am new to modding xbox 360's. I would like to know if there is a way to take your mods online? With an RGH'ed xbox if your xbox would not use those mods online, would a jtag be able to do this or is it not possible to hack the mods and play online? Please let me know.
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    Advantages of Dual Nand?

    I am fairly new to xbox RGH's. I was wondering is there a huge advantage to having a dual Nand? I want to be able to use all the exploits available to a regular RGH'ed console, but also mess around with them online with my friends. Is this only possible with a dual nand? if not then what...
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    RGH Can I RGH my xbox?

    I know a small amount about the idea of an RGH for xbox 360. I have been searching around trying to get the hang of so I can go an do it. I have a trinity motherboard and my xbox is running dashboard 2.0.16547.0. First is it possible for me to RGH this xbox? If I can, would it have to be RGH...
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    360 Slim Laser stuck in the back with buzzing noise

    Recently, my laser wouldn't light up. So after some inspection, I came to the conclusion to replace my laser ribbon cable. I did so and the slim worked. Out of nowhere I got this weird error shown in the video below. After the mayhem occurs in the drive it gives me a unrecognized disc error...
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    Xbox 360 Slim *White Edition!* Corona V3/V4 - RGH Help....

    Hi, I've recently purchased a xbox 360 slim. Ive identified that it has no 'Post Out' there I believe it's a V3 / V4 Corona board?? Also this 'V3 V4' stuff is it either V3 or V4 or is it both? From the guide i refered to it only said V3 V4...
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    FIXED Xbox 360 Slim Corona v1 Red Dot after CR3 Pro installation

    [Informational thread] 2 days ago, I received CR3 Pro Ultimate Pack from Turkey reseller Ozkan Elektronik. I've installed QSB v3, CR3 Pro and Post QSB quickly on my Corona v1 and writed ecc on it. After them, console didn't boot and red dot issue happened. It's quickly fixed after heatsink &...
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    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Need some help..

    Okay so today i got given a 320GB Gears of War special edition Xbox 360 Slim that was subjected to a lot of torment from previous owners, anyway in a fight it was is the firing line broken, but not beyond repair only the case was slightly affected. But the inside hardware wasn't badly damaged, i...
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    LITEON 0225 bigjohn0513

    I have my CK3i, X360USB Pro and the PCB replacement board for my slim 0225 Liteon (that is the firmware on the label) and I've been following the guide at the only part that I can't get past is the getting the drive to be recognized...
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    Xbox 360 Slim "Corona" Mobo Pictures

    Here is a link to my photo bucket album with a ton of high resolution pictures of the new Xbox 360 Slim "Corona" Motherboard I just received. Enjoy!
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    JTAG Newbie for JTAG X360 Slim

    Hi guys, I'm planning to JTAG my Xbox 360 Slim, solely for the purpose of Homebrew. before I order the stuff which I'm ready to order as soon as I get some clarification. I want to know the following 1. How to connect the coolrunner to xbox motherboard. 2. Should I leave the coolrunner...
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    ANSWERED Install XEXMenu on Xbox slim

    Hi guys, I wanted to know if it is possible to do, Is it possible to install XEXMenu on xbox slim? I believe it is a softmod, and if I install it it will be a huge advantage for me to play games without inserting the disc every time. Thanks in advance.
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    Transplanting XBox 360 4GB Memory

    Transplanting XBox 360 Slim 4GB Memory I've had a little look, but couldn't find another topic where this was covered. I've tried swapping over the 4GB memory from one motherboard (Slim 4GB) to another motherboard (Slim 250GB). The 4GB memory isn't recognised & doesn't appear. Am I right...
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    360s. No more beep

    Hiya. I got new slim. I am not a noob to flashing but am new to the slim and whilst waiting fot lt+ i thought i would get ahead and find what drive. Model firmware etc i have. Now i havent done anything but i dont get power to the box and cant get the initial beep was wondering if there is...
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    Xbox 360 Slim

    So, the Xbox 360 slim. Mentioned it to the wife and she said she would get me one for fathers day off the kids. My bloody money that would be buying it ffs!! Thoughts?? Who's gonna be the first to crack it open? Do you think the current opening tool will do the job? Do you think there will be a...