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  1. Z


    Hello everyone! I had just bought the X360USB PRO v2 and my computer will not find the drivers automatically. Does anyone have the drivers for this? And that can be used on Windows 7 64 bit? I already tried looking for the drivers in the forums and but could not find a link that worked. I would...
  2. D

    RGH Xbox 360 Trinity Viper won’t read/ write nand

    Just finished installing the viper dual NAND and when I plugged in my Nand-x I got an error when I pressed ? in J-Runner. Console read/wrote nand fine before I installed viper chip. I also get it when trying to write the NAND. The error for ? is Checking console Version: 00 Wrong version Cannot...
  3. D

    Xbox One & 360 Parts + Consoles available!

    Hello all!!! I have been fixing Xboxs for about 8+ years now, so I have collected quite a bit of parts etc. I have been doing Xbox Ones for 3+ years and still do them more often today than older systems. What I am posting about is for anyone that might be interested in purchasing some...
  4. D

    GENERAL Slim turns off

    hello, my 360 slim randomly turns on and off, it also beeps when it turns off and on.
  5. H

    LITEON DG-16D2S Cant read copied games

    So in short. i have 2 xboxes 1 is flashed other isnt i gave the unflashed to my sister and kept the other myself i have burnout paradise which i made iso of and then burned it to Think Xtra double layer disc worked just great and we both could play online i bought 4 Acme double layers and made...
  6. G

    Looking for a free rgh

    i have been trying to mod my xbox 360 for the past 4 months now and i have literally gotten no where. i honestly have spent at-least 15 hours a week trying to do something but i always end up breaking something or just plain destroying it. ill pay shipping shipping
  7. R

    How to undo RGH

    I bought an RGH Xbox 360 Slim 4GB a couple of years ago. I was wondering if it were possible to remove RGH by simply removing the chip and replacing the DVD Drive. I don't have a stock NAND. If not can anybody give me a solution and walk me through since I'm a complete noob whe it comes to...
  8. M

    beginner info required

    I am purchasing a flashed pre-owned XBOX slim. The seller is unsure of what version the DVD has been flashed to, all he knows is he last played backup of FIFA 15 fine with it, he has no DVD key or anything of the original firmware, looking up lists online I can guess the drive is a LITEON (two...
  9. C

    Use a seagate hard drive as internal drive for XBOX 360 SLIM

    Hi guys, I have an XBOX 360 SLIM 4 GB edition and used a USB External hard drive until I bought this EA game which says it can't install the game on a USB drive. :rolleyes2: So I formatted my 2.5 seagate drive (FAT32) and insert it in the internal hard drive of xbox 360 But it does not...
  10. G

    How to access xbox live on jtag with no risks??

    Hi, I tried few months earlier to acces xbox on my jtagged console for the first time.But my xbox would say 'can't connect to live'. So, i followed a tutorial so i can acces live and i put some plugins on the dashlauch and set livebloc to disable. I did connect to live and a update started only...
  11. I

    LITEON DG-16D2S Jungle Flasher recognizes (and flashed) but windows doesn't

    Hi all, I don't have a lot of experience with this, I have just flashed a second liteon drive (first being the one in my xbox 360 a few months ago, second being one I just got out of an xbox with red ring of death). I planned on using this second one as a permanent drive in my pc for ripping...
  12. L

    RGH xbox 360 rgh slim 4gb dash update error code e79

    Helló kaptam egy Hibakód UTÁN Portál frissítés: E79 vettem TX Corona 4 GB NAND / RW KIT J-Runner Nem Ismeri "Nem KAP DiskGeometry" Próbáltam TÖBB különböző kártyaolvasó, de mivel EZ Egy hiba http: / / php? filename = 7971_1_.jpg...
  13. B

    GENERAL Xbox 360 S No Power Help Please

    Hi all, I have just joined the forum so apologies if I post in the wrong section. I also wasn't aware that there were different variations of board and chipset so if you need me to take pictures or send you details please let me know. I would REALLY appreciate some help I have a Xbox 360...
  14. M

    Someone did a previous bolt mod on my 360, What should i do?

    I recently picked up a Jasper 360 from a pawn shop, The thing runs really cool (I could play 2-3 15 round zombie matches and the thing would be still blowing out cold air). But after further inspection i noticed the guy did a bolt mod on it aswell as a really good 12v mod. He didnt exactly use...
  15. boyam99

    GENERAL Xbox 360 phat rrod error 0031

    I have a Xbox 360 giving me error 0031 and I don't know why. I recently did the xclamp fix and when I went to try it out,it instantly shuts down and 3 red lights. I know that the xclamp fix is a noob repair but I don't see the point in paying 90 dollars to have it reflowed. I tried turning it...
  16. boyam99

    XGD3 Noob xgd3 question.

    Noob xgd3 question.[SOLVED] Does it matter what drive you use to burn the iso? I really don't want to buy another drive when I already have one. I heard somewhere else that with the right imgburn settings you can use any drive even if it's not burner max compatible. Is this true? Because that...
  17. K

    JASPER CR 4 XL Getting Black Screen

    I have a jasper 16MB (Nand) and everything was fine before i install the Wires (JR NAND Reader) it does something funny. I read the NAND just fine and made the back up. Also i Have a Ben-Q drive and i flashed that no problem as well with LT+3. When i plug the DVD power in i get a Black Screen...
  18. imshally81

    Want to JTAG Xbox 360 [Manufacturing Date Nov 2014]

    Hello, I want to JTAG my XBOX 360 and itz Manufacturing date is Nov 2014. So, is it possible ?? Thanks..
  19. ken2028

    [JASPER] No Boot.. No Glitch.. Nothing...

    Please help. My Xbox does not boot into xell Phat Jasper system I followed this link instructions Than after my Xbox does does boot into anything Here is my Tread...
  20. Sinia4ok

    RGH Refurbishing Xbox 360 S - Which is the best available Motherboard which allows RGH ?

    Hello, I am planning to buy 2 Xbox 360 S consoles and the seller stated: For those of you that want specific motherboard or dashboard versions, please let us know as we have a number of these in stock I was wondering which would be the optimal setup for me to request from the seller. I've read...