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    JTAG How to copy two DVD ISO to xbox 360 JTAG external HDD

    Hello everyone, I have XBOX 360 JTagged with 500 GB external HDD. I downloaded 'BATMAN' game and it had two ISO as DVD 1 and 2. Now how can i copy this to external HDD and Play. kindly help me.
  2. I

    does rjtag let you run unsigned code like rhg ?

    just need to make sure i can run unsigned code like a regular jtag or rgh in case i have to end up R-Jtag mine hoping i can run xex menu on it oh and what does R-JTAG stand for exactly?
  3. I

    can i use RGH 1.2 hack for dashboard 2.0.17349 ?

    ive seen a chart but its outdated its said 15 something onward and shows purple for rgh 2 but im not sure if that is correct can someone please help me thanks
  4. I

    which RGH do i use for 2.0.17349.0 ?

    hi i know i can RGH 2.0.17349 ive seen a spanish youtube video on it and thy rgh it but i could not understand it my question is which rgh do i use? ive heard of rgh 2.0 and 1.0 is there a 3.0 ? please help
  5. C

    [UK] RGH Xbox 360 Slim [SALE]

    Got a black Xbox 360 Slim RGH that I want to sell £110 + £13 P+P or you can choose your own Currier or pick up from Manchester UK or PM me for more info Thanks -Chris
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    Convert DC JACK from Xbox 360 slim to Slim E ..??

    HI first sorry for my english :p i want to know if i can replace xbox 360 slim DC JACK with the one on Xbox 360 slim E ?? help will be appreciated :redface:
  7. A

    Which XBOX360 MOD do I have?

    Hey i am new to whole Xbox thing and i have purchased an old hacked xbox 360 Gears of war 3 limited editition. And i want to update my firmware. So please help me to determine which xbox modchip i have. Moreover please tell me if i can play xbox live as i have a gold membership coupon. Thanks in...
  8. J

    What method to use?

    So I just got an old x360 arcade. Its a jasper model with dashboard 16747. I'm completley new to xbox (never owned or used one) and I seem to can't find proper information on which method should I use to hack it on this version of the dashboard and play downloaded games on it? I found some old...
  9. dirtydignity

    No new game copied on Xbox works. NXE Shows 'The game couldn't start try downloading'

    I have had the Xbox 360 250GB for a year now. It is running CR3 Pro and has FSD 3 Rev 775 installed. I had around 70 games backed up(GOD Container) and they all played fine. I didn't add any new games in the past 3 or 4 months. Now I borrowed 4 games to backup and none of them work. As soon as I...
  10. U

    Got xbox 360 short circuited on the xbox frame and it's dead. how do i fix this?

    I had RROD and i fixed it then it happened again, i put the motherboard on the metal xbox frame and it short circuited (i know, couldn't be any stupider :crazy:) and now it won't turn on. How do i fix it? There's no visual damage on the motherboard. I am a noob but if someone could direct me to...
  11. S


    Hello from Los Angeles, new to the xbox modding scene and looking to learn more about it and find someone to mod mine ha or learn to do it myself, cheers!
  12. A

    Need RGH/JTAG Help! -Please

    Hey Team Xecuter community! So I have been looking into Xbox JTaging/RGHing/Flashing for a while now but need some help. For the last 4 years I have been using an old PHAT Elite (MFD 2010-01-19) which has worked great, but has, to my knowledge, been patched from all JTaging/Flashing due to the...
  13. R

    RGH I need HELP!

    I have fully installed the coolrunner rev c on my trinity xbox 360. i did a direct wire install. all the solder points are alright. i updated to the latest dah 16756 and idk what to do from here. i tried following a video on how to create the ecc file through jrunner and then writing it to my...
  14. S

    GENERAL how do i perform and rgh or an jtag on 360 slim

    i have an gears of war xbox 360 slim and i want to perform an rgh or jtag and still be able to play online and co-op games can i get help and list of everything i need and need to do? ive never done this before so im looking for the easiest way possible without having to spend a lot of money
  15. N

    RGH Can't get matching nand after 6 dumps .

    Hi everyone . Am using Nandpro 30 to extract the nand from a jasper 16 mb , using LPT method . So after each dump i don't get any bad blocks in nand pro command , but when i compare them in j-runner i always get a non-match . Any solution to this problem ?
  16. P

    XGD3 New burned games show disc not supported

    Hello guys i got a xbox 360 phat flashed and i started playing around with it after a long time...The old back ups that i got play nice(updated dashboard to latest coz asked me)but new games like nba2k14 and fifa dont seem to...I patched them,injected the topology and burned with img with the...
  17. P

    RGH What's this chip - ACE V1 ?

    Hello, everyone, this is my first post, as I am just exploring the realms of Xbox 360 modding. Anyway, I just found this RGH chip called the ACE V1 and can't find any good info about it. Can any of you guys help? This looks like a clone of some other chip. It also says that it works with all...
  18. Z

    GENERAL fan behind gpu and cpu?

    Hey, this is probably posted already so I apologize in advance. I'm Modding an xbox360 xenon model. I want to induce airflow to ensure proper cpu and gpu thermal temps remain stable. I was thinking of cutting the botto, of thw xbox, to reveal the bottom of the mobo where the cpu and gpu chips...
  19. R

    I have a Dashboard version 2.0.16547.0, can i Jtag my xbox 360 250GB.

    I am new to all this i dont know anything about Jtaging or RGH. Please Help .:redface:
  20. B

    GENERAL possibilities for banned XBOX 360

    Hello everyone, I have bought my XBOX 360 250GB (dashboard 2.0.16537.0) in late 2013 from Dubai and later in India some local vendor RGH/JTAG/LT+3.0 (not sure which method has been used) it and installed several games in my HDD after that Microsoft banned my xbox, whenever im trying to u...