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  1. J

    FIXED Pros and Cons of Fan Speed Settings

    Hey, I got a question about the Fan Speed Setting inside of FSD. What are the Pros and Cons of using this setting? By default it is setup to Auto, which keeps the xbox running quiet. If i turn the Fan speed on, it goes straight to 60% and I can hear the Fan Runnng. With the fan setting set to...
  2. M

    Xecuter NAND-X To CoolRunner JTAG Cable

    Hey I want to know if Xecuter NAND-X To CoolRunner JTAG Cable Will Fit The J-R USB Programmer v2 as I Cant Find The NAnd-x Programmer Now ONline
  3. C

    RGH "Fatal Crash" Problem

    Hello guys. I have a slim Corona 4g (v2 RGH). A month ago, I updated to 16537 (with xebuild and simple nand flasher) to play GTA V. Everything went well, I played it for the past month with no problems at all. Then, I tried to add the collector's edition DLC, so I injected the file using Horizon...
  4. E

    Xbox 360 Broken! Please help!

    My xbox 360 has an issue, but i'm not quite sure what it is. I posted a video to give you an idea on what my problem is. I've ordered a NEW laser and that should work if it is a laser issue. Thanks!
  5. R

    [WANTED] XBOX 360 SLIM 4gb

    Hello guys, i am looking for someone to do a dual nand RGH for me using xecuter's demon chip, I am buying the console from ebay and shipping it to you, i need full details, like how much will you charge me, what can you provide with the installation like dvd\cd key and insurance. Thanks a lot !
  6. X

    ANSWERED Possible Xbox 360 HDD Connector Mod/Replacement? (extra SATA port)

    Right so, I have a Xbox 360 that i RGH'd, and i was wondering whether it is possible to desolder the HDD connector on the side of the MB and replace it with a SATA port or even a SATA + SATA power port? Therefore i can then mount a hard drive internally in the Xbox 360 without the Hdd...
  7. S

    How does a demon chip compare to Rev C

    I am considering investing in the demon for the dual nand. How does a demon compare to say a coolrunner Rev C, in overall performance and boot time? Please let me know.
  8. S

    Take mods online?

    I am new to modding xbox 360's. I would like to know if there is a way to take your mods online? With an RGH'ed xbox if your xbox would not use those mods online, would a jtag be able to do this or is it not possible to hack the mods and play online? Please let me know.
  9. S

    Advantages of Dual Nand?

    I am fairly new to xbox RGH's. I was wondering is there a huge advantage to having a dual Nand? I want to be able to use all the exploits available to a regular RGH'ed console, but also mess around with them online with my friends. Is this only possible with a dual nand? if not then what...
  10. T

    XBOX RROD is it fixable?

    So my Xbox has the 3 flashing lights and the power brick is also red (but not every time i try to turn it on, sometimes the light is orange). I've managed to turn it on and play a good bit on it but then it crashed again.Now it wont start up and the fans aren't spinning either, I've also took it...
  11. Wirexbox

    Recieved an Xenon, No screen...

    I just recieved an Xenon from someone and it kinda... Well it doesnt really work anymore It turns on just fine but no screen but i get sound with another cable. And i know the cable works, it works on my other Xenon and it also does on my Falcon/Jasper I can connect ALL my devices...
  12. reubenjack

    RGH RGH SLIM Trinity Stopped Booting Suddenly.

    Hi Everyone, I got my Xbox RGH Slim last year this month and it was working perfectly. It Used to Glitch between 15 to 30 Seconds. 4 weeks back i flashed Latest Dashboard and it was working fine. Suddenly yesterday while i was Playing GTA 5 / BF4 it freezes badly. I boot to XELL to check and it...
  13. hackt0r

    Repair Kit, or just replace with new Thermal Compound?

    Recently, my Xbox 360's fan has become really loud(it spins really fast). I open it up to clean up all the dust in hope that the fan speed would go back to normal. Unfortunately, it did not. My Xbox never had any type of RROD, so my question is, should I buy the xbox repair kit or just replace...
  14. moses_373

    Arkham Asylum Box

    Just noticed the thread and I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring! I love using paint on a console and following a theme, I despise decals and stickers! Originally I created this for a customer, but the guy never paid and so it is sitting on my shelf right now. I've got a few more that I've...
  15. ImZrex

    RGH Looking to RGH my Slim Trinity Xbox [HELP]

    Ok so i am looking to rgh my xbox slim trinity (Already flashed) Few questions (Q1) Is it worth it for modding games ? (Q2) Do they get banned ? (Q3) What would i need and how much roughly (tutorial) ? - Second option maybe based on questions - Also any one selling one on here how much ? I...
  16. ak47mostwanted

    Looking for COD Ghosts Modded Lobby For XBox360

    Please send me tons of spam at [email protected] as I'm a loser who needs to cheat on XBL.
  17. H

    RGH xbox 360 rgh

  18. Exoaria

    FIXED USB Pro 2 and JungleFlasher

    I'm going to keep this as simple as I can so that I can get the most effective response.I am trying to extract the DVD Key from a VAD6038 BenQ drive.I am using USB Pro 2.I have installed the USB Pro 2 Drivers and JungleFlasher.The following connections have are in place:USB Pro 2 POWER...
  19. L

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Replacment PCB V1.1 trouble connecting

    I have a replacment PCB v1.1 and when I am putting it together, where you connect the power and cut the cables. When I put them in they come out and when I put them in they get bent etc. The drive won't eject, without the power of the drive. How could I connect these cables correctly here is a...
  20. M

    [WANTED] new console requied- xbox 360 dual nand demo- INDIA

    i'd like to buy a new console xbox 360 with wifi, fair size hard drive. should be able to play games from both hard drive and backups. REGION FREE ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED as i buy games from around the world. must have HDMI capability. need yesterday, so please send me your offerings ASAP. send...