xbox 360

  1. supersymm3try

    [WANTED] Kindly requesting slim trinity UK power brick and kettle cable

    Hi guys Hope I'm OK to request this, but I recently bought a used faulty Xbox off well known auction site for first RGH project but it doesn't have any power brick/cable etc Mobo should be a trinity, manufactured august 2010 4gb gloss slim Just looking for someone with maybe a few spare so...
  2. T

    ANSWERED Hardware needed for Stock Falcon 16202

    Hello, I'm new here and I would like to ask someone if they can clear up the confusion on what to buy to RGH a stock Falcon on dash 16202?
  3. N

    So done with the DemoN

    Alright, so I have a previous thread, and I don't get any help from anywhere. I'm really seriously stressed about this. I bought my DemoN two days ago and ever since it's been installed everything's gone to complete sh*t. I installed it and the xbox would chime but would not power on. So i...
  4. S

    My xbox 360 slim 0225 replaced pcb is not detecting.

    my xbox 360 replaced with unlockedPCB v1.1 is not detecting in my computer. i got ck3i and x360usb pro. X360usb pro is detecting in my pc and xbox 360 replaced unlockedpcb drive is not detecting and it is showing an error 0x80!!!! what should i do now i got all xecuter product and still it is...
  5. C


    Looking for RGH to be done on xbox 360 falcon with dash 2.0.12416.0 asap please and close to manchester
  6. M

    absolute pre-noob education request on modchips

    i have an xbox 360 i purchased in the USA (so obviously NTSC) and i KNOW it's modded (which someone here did for me), because it plays backups. however, i travelled somewhere and bought some PAL games and it won't play those. i don't really know what chip i have or what drive i have or even...

    [AUSTRALIA] In need of Xbox wireless adaptor (N) USB cable

    All I need is the cable, not the board. Looking for a decent price.
  8. K

    First time poster

    How's it going everyone, this is my first time ever posting on a forum (yes, ive never posted on any forums before) and just trying to get the hang of it. well a little about myself then. i just recently flashed my very first Xbox 360 Hitachi drive with Team Xecuter's X360USB Pro and CK3i. at...
  9. sthetix

    Schematic vs Real Coolrunner size

    I found this on coincidence by comparing image supplied by J-Runner and real size situation. Left photo is from J-Runner, and Right photo is from my digicam. The real coolrunner size is on the right photo. THanks for reading.
  10. sk8boy204

    GENERAL How to invert the Phat Ring of Light colors

    I can't remember where I found this, its been quite some time probably Xbox-Scene or somewhere, but I just pulled an old RROD box out and this was in it, I completely forgot about it! Well I figured I'd duplicate it and share it for the new section. This is a pretty simple but awesome way to get...
  11. Z


    My Xbox 360 HAD RROD so I fixed and yesterday I was playing it and it was fine. but today I found out that my dvd drive wasnt working had come off. so i opened it again and then reassembled it and put the sata cable back on. but when power on no dancing green light or picture or sound on screen...
  12. supersymm3try

    ANSWERED The Value of RGH?

    HI all, I wanted to post this in general 360 chat, but being a noob I cant until I reach 25 posts. I am thinking about RGH'ing my phat 360 once the DemoN is released. I have read the tutorials on here lots of times to get to grip with the basics and will of course be re-reading them all before...
  13. supersymm3try

    What do you guys think?

    Areet everyone So ive spent the last few days customizing my stock 360 and just wondered what people here think of it? I would love to say 'Im showing this as a thanks because I found all the tutorials I needed on this great site' but really im just a shameless self promoter wanting other...
  14. K

    GENERAL Open trey error need help !

    Hi guys happy Holidays i am having a bit of a problem i recently bought a x360usb bro and a ck3i with a prob 3 from xconsoles . i bought it to flash me and my friends xbox's and i always follow the tutorials from here . but at the end i always end up with the open trey error . i don't know what...
  15. K


    Stupidly, i plugged the molex power cable into the ck3i whilst the computer was on and then went to connect the power lead to the xbox drive, causing it to spark and smoke, now the drive will not function on the pc or in the xbox, is the whole drive messed up or does it just need a new pcb?
  16. D

    LITEON 74850 Please help me !! :(

    Hi everyone, First of all i am really sorry if i have posted this in the wrong area or if this has already been covered I currently have 2 Xbox 360 drives Hitachi GDR-3120L- the error i am having with this is the play dvd error, from what i have read its down to not having the correct key...
  17. P

    LITEON DG-16D2S i Have a few questions

    first off my model number for my drive is DG-16D25 and my firm ware version is 74850c. Now i was wondering if the blaster ck3 kit would be all i needed to put custom f/w onto my drive? Not including the compatible sata chip. I also wanted to know if this would be the best and easiest way to do...
  18. R

    Extra Cooling Fan

    Can anyone tell me where I can get power for an extra cooling fan? I just have a computer fan, but I only have a meter to test volts not amps and want to make sure I'm not gonna soak up all the juice from something
  19. R

    Jasper Block Size Confusion

    Hi Guys, I managed to purchase an Arcade Console with 256MB built in storage and a 2008 MFR date from my retialer today, but I am a bit confused. I would like to know how to determine what is the block size on this Jasper console without damaging anything. I'm currently using Coolshrimp's...
  20. manwinder

    liteon 93450c help

    i need to know where to put the negative and positive points of my multimeter, not for resistance but for voltage and friend told me it is better to test for voltage, he told me it can tell you if a cut is good or not