1. F

    17526 Downgrade

    Hello I have been having problems with my rgh when I updated to the most recent dash so I was wondering if I could downgrade to a certain dashboard and then repudate to the most recent dash but instead of installing the avatar update with usb I will install it with the Xbox instead of Dow...
  2. F

    Error Code (80004005)

    Hello, i am new to owning a rgh but my recent dash was 17511 and i updated to 17526 and after i installed the avatar update via usb i couldnt open my games or anything like that and i was wondering what the cause of this is. I have been researching and haven't found any solution so i thought i...
  3. D

    JTAG Beginner Jtag help?

    My friend recently gave me his Xbox 360 and I realized it was a falcon and that got me thinking about Jtagging or getting a RGB on the old thing. I just need some help with JTagging Here is some info, It has a external drive but no clue which kind or how much, Its used and HAS BEEN OPENED up...
  4. D

    Trinity Xbox turns on when plugged in

    When I went to write the ECC to the nand the Xbox turned on and corrupted the nand. So I reflashed the Xbox to the stock nand and it worked except it turns on when plugged in. I want to get this resolved before I try to write ECC to nand.
  5. G

    XBOX original almost stop working, someone who can help me?

    Hello everone, I'm new on this forum and I'm gonna try my problem, in my bad English, so far as I can and I hope someone can help me. By first I have an original xbox and he stop almost working a few days ago. If I will start him I must put him on through the eject knob. (that's strange I...
  6. G

    Looking for a free rgh

    i have been trying to mod my xbox 360 for the past 4 months now and i have literally gotten no where. i honestly have spent at-least 15 hours a week trying to do something but i always end up breaking something or just plain destroying it. ill pay shipping shipping
  7. D

    RGH Xbox turns on when power is plugged in

    When I plug in the power to my Trinity xbox it automatically turns on. Nothing is plugged in except for power. ROL board is unplugged. Does anyone have any suggestions because I cannot read the nand with the console on?
  8. X

    GENERAL MY X-BOX 360s games freezing.

    Hello Everyone, First of all, I am a noob in this Gaming Scene bc I am from Warez Scene. So I got my console [ xbox-360s ] a month back. It is exploited and I am using a 320gb HDD [not USB HDD ] to play games. It was working fine for first few days and then games started to FREEZE. I have to...
  9. G

    Xbox 360 CPU – Is This Normal?

    [Please Delete] I came to the conclusion that my question/problem was probably a bit silly, and nothing to worry about. So an Admin/Moderator may delete this topic, thanks.
  10. speed3r

    Xbox 360 Lite-on Sata port broken

    Hello, I got a Xbox 360 lite-on drive with a broken(broken off) sata port. So i did solder a sata port of a benq dvd pcb but the points are different from the lite-on drive. So i was wondering if someone could help me if this is right (photos) (Lite-on PCB Sata port Is this right?) (This...
  11. GMSkel

    Req. Xbox 360 Disc Drive Repair

    My Xbox 360 disc drive won't open sometimes, and when it does open it keeps closing and opening on its own. Can somebody help me out?
  12. M

    Is a 2011-06-16 10.83a a trinity?

    I was looking for a another 360 and someone is selling one from 2011-06-16 with 10.83a, I would guess its a trinity, but what do you guys think?
  13. M

    Xbox Disk Burning

    Hello, I am new to burning, so my Xbox 360 is modded ( LT 3.0) and i usually buy burned games already, so i want to start burning games at my home, so yesterday i opened YouTube and couple of forums, and i followed the procedure 100% and i burned FIFA 16 to Verbatim disc but when I inserted the...
  14. K

    JASPER CR4 XL RGH+2 wont boot up after Writing NAND

    Programmer Used: JRP v0.3 Beta (8) NAND Size: 16MB Dashboard version: 2.0.17502 CB Version: 6752 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner:Checking Console.. Version: 10 Flash Config: 0x00023010 00023010 Trinity, Jasper 16MB CB Version: 6752 Jasper 16MB J-Runner log updflash.bin log (if...
  15. Alteration

    RGH Corona Unglitchable?

    I just bought a good friend of mine a glitch chip for his console, the same one I used for my Trinity (CoolRunner Rev C) and offered to transform it into an RGH, sadly though, when I got to working on it, J-Runner kept spitting out: Version: 10 Flash Config: 0xC0462002 C0462002 This flashconfig...
  16. speed3r

    Xbox 360 Trinity (Retail) Won't boot........

    Hello, So i got a Xbox 360 trinity retail(was never openend before/sealed) for a few bucks that didn't boot. After a lot of searching and testing it still wont boot sadly. When i plugin the power supply the xbox beeps one time (On/off sound) after that i can press all the buttons(on/off/eject)...
  17. M

    Hello! Thank you for having me!

    Hello everybody, I'm new to the community and am looking to maybe mod my console but I'm not to sure what all of these things do or where to start. I would like to get into development and maybe try some homebrew. Dose anyone have any suggestions where I should start? I've combed through YouTube...
  18. ochentay4

    Original Xbox with TSOP Flash stopped working, blinks Red Light

    Hi, I need help with my Original Xbox. My original Xbox v1.2 with TSOP Flash (X3 4983.1) [made by me years ago] suddenly stopped working after playing for a while. Xbox had TSOP Sodering still in place and clock capacitor chopped off. When I turn on the machine the light goes Green and...
  19. J

    BOII on Jtag

    I am planning on RGH-ing my Xbox. I have a 4gb slim elite. Is there an in depth tutorial about this anywhere? Also, the main reason for my jailbreak is to mod games, such as black ops 2. How do I do this?
  20. R

    GENERAL Original Xbox

    Hey fellas, i don't know if you guys still answer questions related to the original xbox, i decided to dust off my original xbox that i had for years i bought it pre hardmodded, i played around with it for some time and then i put it away it's been sitting in the attic collection dust until now...