1. E

    Any way to run a XNA Game Studio .ccgame file on Xbox 360?

    Is there any way to get a .ccgame package built with XNA Game Studio to run on a Xbox 360 without the official MS tool chain? Eg. can these be converted to run on a modded 360? If yes, what's the process? Or for the official tool chain, is there a way to somehow extract / generate the...
  2. J

    Jtag Xbox360 wont turn on but show green light

    Hy friends. i have xbox360 s jtag model 1493 . 2 days ago my cousin mistakenly updated xbox now my xbox wont turn on i tried many time but failed to on the xbox also controller not connected to xbox. Xbox only show green solid light please help me how to recover xbox.
  3. S

    GENERAL How do I upgrade an xbox 360 with LTU2 and RGH installed

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. My question is how should I upgrade a xbox 360 slim dash manufactured after the year 2012 with LTU2 and RHG installed, without losing the game reading lt 3.0 and RGH safely? I would appreciate your help a lot
  4. D

    SAMSUNG MS28 Samsung Dashboard update doesnt work

    Hey guys, I'm new and I dont know if this is posted in the right section so please move it when it's wrong. A few years ago i bought a Xbox 360, but i wasn't able to go online with it. So i never used it again. Last week i found the xbox and I wondered its possible to play downloaded games on...
  5. S

    RGH Consoles system link via Ad-Hoc Network or wired not working

    System Info: Xbox 360 Slim 250GB, Trinity, Glitch2, Dash 16756, Dash Launch 3.12, FSD3. After a year i have system linked my console via Ad-Hoc with another x360 and played Halo Reach with 8 players, no problems at all, BUT very next day when i try to connect both consoles the same way as...
  6. P

    Old Newbie asking for advice

    Hello ! I am asking for advice how to inspect and hopefully repair 2 XBox360 units that I bought on the junk yard yesterday for almost nothing. Including power bricks. I think the model is one of the very first (white) ones, with curved side panels. Item #1 does not give any video, there is...
  7. S

    RGH I'd like to downgrade my xbox 360 dashboard

    I am a total noob to console hacking but I am eager to learn. I have an xBox 360 Premium from 2007 and I would like to downgrade the terrible excuse for a dashboard it has on it (Metro). Anyway, I've heard the best way to do this is to RGH the console but my question is what do I do after that...
  8. speed3r

    Corona V1 Dash:16767 - RGH

    Hey folks, So today i got a good working xbox 360 slim for 20 bucks i found out it has a Corona V1 mobo. I got a Coolrunner rev C lying around that i want to use in this xbox 360 S. Already ordered a Crystal(48000) but do i need something else? Also got a J-runner Programmer v1.1 This is my...
  9. A

    JTAG Need help really bad

    Hello my name is angel i have an xbox arcade and it was flash till i update it i really want to play games from an external harddrive and the only way i saw to do that is with xexmenu i thing im really noob with xbox things i would like to know how to jtag my xbox. would some one give me a full...
  10. mondoman22

    Mondomatic 9000 Rework Programming station

    Well Guys, I have been on this site for a while and learned alot havent said much but of course life gets a bit busy. Anyways I did a recent Install with a cr4 on a Trinity and Of course used J-runner as with all Tx's Products it went over without a Hitch.. sh*ts Top notch as Always...
  11. TechFreak2516

    LITEON DG-16D2S Jungle Flasher Not reqognizing drive after dvdkey32..... PLEASE HELP(FLASHING)SCARED!

    Ok i dont know my exact model number for my drive but i am trying to flash it and it reqognized before and it ccompleted dvdkey32 and i have set source to target and i made the keys (2) MATCH.And then i go to mtk flash32 and i relooad and it doesnt see it.And i go to any other tabs it doesnt see...
  12. K

    R-JTAG Xbox Doesn't Boot After J-tag/RGH.

    Hey, I got my Xbox Jtagged a few days ago. Everything seemed to work fine until yesterday. It's like it starts but it gets stuck at the Green Light forever and sometimes (once or twice) it boots up in no time. I am using FSD along with Dashlaunch 3.12. Any help as to what can be done would be...
  13. A

    GENERAL Need Favour regarding xbox360.

    i'm looking forward to get a new xbox 360 probably xbox360 slim 250gb with kinect bundle ( Jtaged) kindly suggest if i can use internet( like browsing, skype and vdos ) on it in jtagged and all i know about jtag is i can play games via pirated cds. ( further knowledge shall be also...
  14. J

    Rgh xbox360 wont boot into fsd3

    Hi, I'm a noob and I'm having an annoying issue with my 360 . Rgh 'd it and it has worked for as long as I remember. Suddenly one day it doesn't boot into dash no more or even xell. It was checked out by our trusty Oggy and deemed fine. It was returned and I tried it again, still Didnt work ...
  15. S

    RGH Can I RGH my xbox?

    I know a small amount about the idea of an RGH for xbox 360. I have been searching around trying to get the hang of so I can go an do it. I have a trinity motherboard and my xbox is running dashboard 2.0.16547.0. First is it possible for me to RGH this xbox? If I can, would it have to be RGH...
  16. M

    ANSWERED Hack my boyfriends Xbox 360 slim

    Ok now I have my boyfriends xbox 360 slim (black). He has a lock on it and I really want to play :). I DONT want to reset the whole console or anything like that, I just want to figure out some way to get passed the password. I used to be able to with the regular xbox 360 where all I had to do...
  17. I

    Newcomer ImGen1us

    Hi everyone, im newcomer to xbox forum and also xbox 360 owner. (brought one because the last user have gta 5 and i was waiting for pc version but was too easy). Im living in Quebec Canada and thats it for now. Have a nice days guys/girls ;) Patrick
  18. S

    LITEON DG-16D2S Xbox 360 Play Game

    When you put in a cd it says Play Game to pretend departed but returned after the launch of the dash in this case we have? (poor English)
  19. S

    LITEON DG-16D2S Xbox 360 Flash failed

    I got the flash to LT3.0 xbox and read up on the games or writes to Play Game to Play DVD brings in a black screen for open and throw back into the dash. Please help (My English is poor)
  20. C

    [UK] Swop Xbox 360 slim New dash with explorer for RGH slim

    Hi im wanting to swop my Xbox 360 slim for a RGH slim if anyone is interested then letr me know thanks poss local