1. M

    help buying pre-modded xbox

    i was wondering if anyone can help me buy an x-box pre modded- basically something coming preinstalled with the necessary RGH/JTAG stuff- i'm wondering if Demon is required/desirable key features i'm looking for: play backups region free if i can switch between live and whatever else- like...
  2. Zendoku

    Soldering for the LITEON DG-16D4S - UNLOCKED REPLACEMENT PCB V1.1.

    Hey guys I am wondering how to solder for the xbox 360 slim DG-16D4S dvd drive. I am a complete noob at soldering. May you please tell me materials needed for soldering in the LITEON DG-16D4S - UNLOCKED REPLACEMENT PCB V1.1. Also can I have pictures of where you solder at to remove old...
  3. B

    RGH I Have A XBox This Is The Picture Inside Is It Trinity Or Corana?? HELP!!

    The picture is in the attachment please need to know soon as...
  4. Z

    LITEON 93450 xbox bricked after 2.0.14719.0 update

    Hello, I have a jasper which was flashed with LT2.0 after I inserted the Sniper Elite disk it was asking me if I want to update and by mistake I hit yes and it started to update the system. After the first reboot I got the error that the disk cannot be read and it hanged there. Not having any...
  5. X

    X360USB PRO Need Help Finding WD800BEVT-75ZCT1 UNDO.Bin file! Help Please?

    Hello, I'm not a noob. I actually have many years experience with working on computers and game consoles, and I'm only posting in this thread seeing as I cannot post elsewhere due to the limit of "25" posts is needed to post into other topics and etc. I just need some help finding a certain...
  6. C

    RGH, I got tons of questions...

    Hello, i got a jasper xbox 360 and i ordered my Coolrunner and nand qsbs now i need to know, how do i check how much mb i got on my jasper, like chucks. Excuse me if im nooby i was searching up how to do this for hours. Also, is dashboard version 14699 a compatable kernal for the RGH...
  7. 1

    Games as DVDs

    Ok so after long months i finally got my xbox360(liteon 93450c) to come back on. I think i messed up on mainly on the jungle flasher part. Didnt do to well on cut and trace either. It would even come on. I think the xbox didnt know what it was. So to fix it by putting in the firmware manually...
  8. A

    XBOX360 Slim Setup help??

    Greetings, Sorry if this is the wrong section, but I really want to do this right the first time so here we go... I have the XBOX360 SLIM (FW:9504) that's all I know about that. I found The Complete step by step guide. And discovered that I need two parts CK3 Pro & XBOX360USB Pro. 2...
  9. M

    is it safe to buy a xbox360 slim premodded ??

    hi i have found this site that sells premodded slims ( is it safe to buy one with this new console baning thing thats ment to be comming soon ? im abit worried that ill buy and then when i do the update my console will get banned.... :)
  10. L

    ANSWERED Part needed to flash (lite-on 93450c)

    Hi all sorry for my English I'm using a translator Help me flash my XBOX360 Elite (lite-on 93450c) I have: * CK3 Probe 2 * Via 6421 Sata With this now I can flash? or need something else Also I need the Pro CK3? I hope to answer
  11. R

    Im new to this! Help please?

    Hello. Im new to this. I had to some1 flash my xbox for me. But now my brother and some friends want their xboxs flashed like mine to play burned games. So i want to learn how to do this. Is there anyone who can give me some advise? Or tips?
  12. X

    usb problem

    at first sorry for my english ;) i got the following problem: i connected everything like said in the tutorial ( and my liteon can be seen on the left side in jungleflasher with the correct information but i´m not able to choose a com...