1. O

    JTAG Problem Reverting JTAG Xenon 2.0.89550.0 to Retail

    Hey Guys, I've got a Xenon that was JTAGED ages ago by someone else, it was accidentally updated to 2.0.89550.0 rendering the JTAG mute. I want to revert it back to Stock but i'm having problems when I try. Screen Shot Of 2.0.89550.0; Loaded required files into "J-Runner\xebuild\data"...
  2. Alteration

    JTAG Xenon JTAG Suddenly Stopped Working

    Before I start with the issue, I would like to say that this Xbox has excellent air-flow and has already been treated with the RRoD repair kit through-and-through, I highly doubt this is a temperature issue, although I could be totally wrong. So now to the actual issue: I'm doing a repair on...
  3. J

    GENERAL C1d1 resistors

    Hi was wondering if anybody could help out with the ratings for the resistors beside c1d1 which is next to the dvd power plug on the mobo took them off with a bit o spilled solder whilst doing a jtag and its a xenon board. Can send photos if needed. Thanks in advance!
  4. M

    BENQ Problems with benq drive

    Idk why, but it seems like I have bad luck with xbox 360's XD. Back to the point, my xenon(stfu) has a benq that worked fine up until now. The eject button on the console womt work, but on the dash it does. Everythings connected exept the metal plate on the top of the case. Also the tray will...
  5. Zou

    JTAG Xenon wont access to the Xbox Dashbord unless I connect a hdd with Avatar Update

    Hi, recently I found an Old Xenon in k 7371 with Hitachi ODD. So I jtag it. I get Xell-Reload, retrieve CPU Key and make the 16767 nand. All seems ok (only one bad sector @0x194 remapped to 0x3FF). But on first boot in 16767 without any memory device, I got boot animation then stay on the...
  6. M

    GENERAL Xbox 360 Phat Xenon blue screen HELP

    One daY I booted up my old xbox xenon and it just blue screened. Theres no physical damage to the motherboard but a few battery looking things were bent about 45 degrees and I didn't fix then due to fear of damaging it. I believe its a video problem. Is this true? I've tried yahoo answers but...
  7. Z

    xmas lights of death need kv file_no flash detected!?

    Hey forum, 2nd attempt to jtag my 2nd xbox a xenon. So I used the method with the 7 wires to lpt, 5 with 330 ohm resistors, and 2 switching diodes for on board jtag....so, flas was going good..blah, blah. So I finished, and tried to power xbox into xell with controller (eject nvr works for...
  8. M

    ANSWERED Need to extract Xenon CPU Key

    Hello Guys, I have recently been given a Xenon console on dash kernel 15574 and I need to get the CPU Key out of it. My question is what exploit would I need to use to accomplish this task? The dash kernel is above 14699 so that puts the RGH1 hack out of the question but what about RGH2 or...
  9. I

    JTAG What good is a Xbox 360 Xenon, Phillips Lite-On DG-16D2S DVD, 20GB hard drive?

    I'll never forget that fateful day back in December '06 and the salesman who tried unsuccessfully to talk me out of buying an Xbox 360 because of the many reports of hardware problems, thermal instability, and the infamous three rings of death. Hey, after all this was Microsoft. If they got it...
  10. G

    FIXED JRP2 Xenon Flash Config: 0x00... Can not Continue

    Hi everyone, So I'm attempting my first JTAG with JRP2 and have hit a road block in J-Runner. When I try to dump the NAND I get, Version: 10 Flash Config: 0x00000000 Can not Continue Soldering pics JRP has a green light I've trawled the forums and search engines and tried re-soldering my...
  11. S

    GENERAL Xenon phat with broken DVD drive.

    Hello, I looked a while on this forum, I'm new here to see what I need to hack my X-box 360. I already hacked one X-box360 with jungle flash but that X-box 360 has the RROD now and I cannot fix it. Now I have another old x-box 360 (Phat Xenon) with a broken hard drive. I don't have my DVD-key so...
  12. F

    JTAG 3RD Diode

    Ive looked at few tutorials about jtagging a xenon all i see is people use 2 diodes but all of them say 3 is needed is this for spares or does it actually go somwhere?
  13. A

    JTAG should i buy this xenon jtag?

    This is from coleman. I was wondering if I should get this xenon jtag for $60. I was wondering if they had problems and if it was a good price. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaC5zer0USI
  14. S

    RGH Xenon

    I have looked everywhere and have alot of questions still not answered. I have access to three xenons with the dashboards at 13599. I am weighing my options. I can't see spending $150 on a jasper with no power supply plus the nandx and a coolrunner. So I am interested in retreiving the dvd key...
  15. B

    GENERAL Where do i start with a Xenon?

    Hi guys im new here, been modding for a while now (mainly case mods and drive flashing) but i have never attempted a Jtag before. So my friend gave me an old Xbox360 that has been revived from the RRoD HelL to try and Jtag, if its successful, its mine :D Nice 'eh? The Xbox is an old 2005...
  16. O

    RGH Xenon CB1942 - Failed to create ecc image J-Runner

    Hi, When i trying to create .ECC image gives me that: * checking required versions... Failed to create ecc image full log file: 3 października 2012 18:02:15 J-Runner v0.2 Beta (282) Started WARNING! - Your selected working directory already contains files! You can view these files by...
  17. S

    JTAG Xenon CB 1928?

    Hello everyone, I dumped my nand from my old xenon and j-runner gives me a CB code equal to 1928. Is this exploitable? Only reason I ask is that it doesn't show up on any of the compatible lists. Thanks for any advice. SeattleCobra
  18. gableroux

    ANSWERED I'm about to do a Xenon RGH - simple questions

    Hello, I've read the good news lately and I'm about to try that xenon rgh repair, This will definitely get my dvd key back from the grave on an old xenon with blown dvd drive. Before I start doing that rgh, there are a few things I'd need to know: 1. I have a CoolRunner Rev A so do I have to...
  19. N

    ANSWERED Will We Ever be able to RGH Xenon Motherboards?

    I was just wondering if, because of the abscent hana chip, will we ever be able to rgh the xenon? i have 1 without a dvd key and my only option would be to rgh. :wink:
  20. H

    JTAG Jtag XENON won't stay off

    Bare with me guys I'm new to all this... I jtagged my xenon a while back and just recently updated it from XBR 8955 to the newest 13599 Freeboot, Installed the avatar update and set up dashlaunch 2.23b. Everything went fine and it all works. My problem is that NOW when I power the system off...