1. M

    Is it alright to burn XGD2 games using settings recommended for XGD3?

    I accidentally burnt a XGD2 game (Crysis 2) using the settings here: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/threads/74721-XGD3-MKM003-MKM001-Settings-Burn-Guide-Co-written-with-the-author-of-IMGBURN It burnt fine, imgburn verified, discspeed score of 93%. Have not tested it in XBOX yet. Just a general...
  2. boyam99

    XGD3 Noob xgd3 question.

    Noob xgd3 question.[SOLVED] Does it matter what drive you use to burn the iso? I really don't want to buy another drive when I already have one. I heard somewhere else that with the right imgburn settings you can use any drive even if it's not burner max compatible. Is this true? Because that...
  3. boyam99

    GENERAL Need help with burning games

    I have a Windows 7 computer with a Slimtype DVD A DA8A5SH-L RAA1 dvd drive. So I wanted to know if I can burn xgd2 and xgd3 games with this type of DVD drive using ImgBurn. I also wanted a good burning tutorial since Youtube and google arent helpful. Can anyone link me to a game burning...
  4. M

    XGD3 Writer question

    I found a LiteOn Ihas 122-14 E and I am not sure if I should buy it or not. Is it good for writing xgd3 backups? Aswell I found a Ihas 124-19 B. Are any of those compatible with xgd3 burning? Thanks!
  5. L

    ANSWERED Liteon iHAS524B not record verbatim XGD3

    hi I have a liteon iHAS524B updated firmware c4eva with which e able to record five XGD3 backups on disk MBIPG101-R10-065 MediaRange 4x with opc off, force hypertuning on, online hypertuning off, over speed off and on with SmartBurn this configuration all right, but when trying to burn Verbatim...
  6. S

    Is good the quality of this burn? according to nero discspeed yes... kprobe 2 no

    Hello, I'm burning my first backups with an optiarc ad-5280-s-cb-plus. As I've read in some guides i didn't change any settings on imgburn. I just selected my image of the game (Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor) and set the speed to 4x. Media is Verbatim 8x singapore. I use linux, but i used a...
  7. X

    XGD3 Flashed LITE-ON iHAS120-04 DU for burning XGD3?

    I find out some guy is selling "flashed LITE-ON iHAS120-04 DU" drive, in some other thread says that drive don't support Xgd3... So, is it possible? New LITE-ON iHAS120-04 cost about 15-16E, and he is selling Flashed LITE-ON iHAS120-04 DU for 27E, is that the same model...? After I buy that...
  8. P

    XGD3 New burned games show disc not supported

    Hello guys i got a xbox 360 phat flashed and i started playing around with it after a long time...The old back ups that i got play nice(updated dashboard to latest coz asked me)but new games like nba2k14 and fifa dont seem to...I patched them,injected the topology and burned with img with the...
  9. O

    XGD3 How do i fix these bad kprobe results? (XGD3)

    was in a hurry, im always working, my fault for not reading the rules properly :/
  10. kerim122

    Need Help with xgd3 burning!!!!

    Hello everyone i have recently flashed my xbox360 slim and i wanted to backup my games. But the problem is that all my xgd3 burns fail and have high spikes. so I hope you guys will help me with my Weird ihas 124 C Drive. my setup: Sata/IDE to USB 2.0 with external power supply(to connect my...
  11. G

    Unsupported Disc Error XGD3 with iHas burner

    I've thoroughly searched thread after thread of unsupported disc error solutions and can't for the life of me find one that works for me. After burning three XGD3 backups that give me unsupported disc I'm convinced that it has something to do with injecting topology data or setting the right...
  12. D

    XGD3 Suggestion about what best option to record

    Device: DVD RW AD-7700S (Sony optiarc) Burner: ImgBurn Medias: Hidata and VideoLar I step through the process 1-Clean my backup (in this case, Dead Space 3) with abgx360 2-Inject payload by BurnerMax (to see 8.7GB) 3-recording it on ImgBurn ps: sure, it is not that simple but summarizing...
  13. M

    Ihas 524 on ebay???

    Is this the drive i need for burning xgd3??? any help thanks new to this website:smile:
  14. ibrahim11

    XGD3 Need some help with this drive!

    Hi, i am about to buy a ihas 524-t32 A, and the guy who is selling it says that some A models show up as B models when connected. The mfr date is January 2010. Even if this drive is an A model will it work with burnermax payload or should I just get an ihas 124 c. thanks alot for any help. :smile:
  15. A

    Flashing LiteOn iHas for XGD3

    I will start by apologizing in advance, I am indeed a newbie to Flashing and backing up my 360 games. I am seeking some much needed advice, i have been browsing and reading forums for hours trying to get my head around all of this, some of which im finding hard to digest. However i must be...
  16. S

    XGD3 MKM001 Settings not quite there...tips?

    Hey guys, been reading a lot on the burn settings for XGD3 disks and still seem to be coming up a bit short. I have tried several settings and here is a rundown of my setup/status: iHas424 Burner with the correct firmware. Burning at 4x for all burns, and using MKM001 disks. I cleared the OCP...
  17. I

    XGD3 DVDInfoPro quality guidelines

    HI, i would like to know the quality guidelines for the above software (DVDInfoPro) when scanning XGD3 backups... Would it be a score above 90? I also would like to know if you guys are having issues with this software... I mean when I click Book, to set booktype, my drive starts doing weird...
  18. J

    XGD3 question about bad burns online

    so i was wonderig ive ben trying to burn black ops 2 since it came out the other day ive tried 7 times and all bad kprobe results.most of them dont even work offline and i wont even dare go online with them.so to get to the point if i install the original disk can i use a bad kprobe result but...
  19. B


    just thought id give all them noobs (me included) a little help with settings and things that have worked for me. I have gotten round to getting verbs mk3's and now have amazing results but i did have a few PI spikes right at the start of the disc ( i say spikes it was about 18-23) Everything...
  20. H

    KProbe is killing me.

    I've been burning backups for a long time, and I've always done my research as much as possible because I genuinely would like to understand what I'm doing, instead of following instruction. That said, I am having a terrible time maintaining any kind of consistent quality with my XGD3 backups...