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    XGD3 are these ok results

    i burnt with everything except online hypertuning ...im playin MW3 andeverything was good besides pif was 5 and 0.21.....so iset a pic of assasins creed revelations is this pic i figure its fine cous its only one spike...and ps im only using hyperspeed on my mkm-001's to bur at 4x(mk 003's will...
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    XGD3 Help with IMGBurn NBA 2K13

    Hello, I have been trying to no avail to get a proper burn of NBA 2K13 backup. I have previously burned back ups of Madden13 and AC Revelations. I know there are many threads with IMGBurn settings, and I have tried all the ones I have found. I am using IHAS 124B with burnermax and Verbatim...
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    XGD3 ONLY PIF Max off range. Any ideas on a way to improve results??

    Hi, I've burned a few XGD3 games with my cross-flashed ASUS DRW-24B3LT to iHAS624B DVD Drive, but keep getting PIF Max values of 6 to 9 (PI Max , PI Average and PIF Average: OK). EEPROM settings: Smartburn = enabled Force Hyper Tuning = enabled Over Speed Writing = disabled Online Hyper...
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    XGD3 LT2.0 patched XGD3 games on LT3.0

    Hi, A friend of mine still uses the LT2.0 on his Xbox 360. He is able to play XGD3 games by patching them with the LT2.0 topology. He gave me one of his games (patched with the LT2.0 topology). My Xbox is flashed with the LT+ 3.0 firmware and I do own an ihas burner (B model). Before burning...
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    GENERAL Unauthorized disc + E68 error

    Hi, I've just flashed my Liteon 74850C drive to LT+ 3.0 Games as NBA2K12 are now running without any problem (as expected). But Ghost Recon Future Soldier gives some trouble... the game does now boot (unlike before the flash) but mostly in the loading screens an error appears: "Failed to...
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    XGD3 HITACHI drive with LT2.0 = no xgd3 at all?

    hi, i have a Hitachi GDR-3120L fw47 Drive with LT2.0 since there’s no 3.0 for it. i’ve tried many ways to burn maxpayne3 / MW3 / forza4 (changing settings on abgx for XGD3 games on LT2.0; new XBC that supports this drive; PPF-O-Matic 4.4.2; … ) and truncate on imgburn since it asks for games...
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    XGD3 XGD3 Disc Quality

    My question is about the quality standard for XGD3 discs. I know it's a tired topic, but still. Here's what I know, the gold standard for XGD3 discs is: Here's where there may be some grey area: For a disc such as the one I attached having superb values in all but one area and only slightly...
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    ANSWERED Finally quality XGD3 burns!

    Just wanted to share my settings in which I finally got great Kprobe results. IHAS 124 b W/ BURNMAX X360PRO VERBS MKM003 EEPROM utility tool- ALL options "OFF" clear OPC history. In Imgburn I manually set my Layer Break at 2,133,520 because the calculate optimal option was giving me very high...
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    ANSWERED XGD3 information

    I am well versed in old method of ripping and burning xgd2 disks. I had a Hitachi drive in 360 (flashed with jungleflasher) and a Ixtreme ripper for ripping the discs. My xbox 360 has an executor card between drive and external sata to flash firmware on dvd drive. Now I'm confused with xgd3. I...
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    ANSWERED Problem

    Unfortunately I updated my xbox and after that new games like Gears of War 3 and MW3 and Assassins creed stopped working. when I launch them it says disc not supported. How can I fix this, preferably without opening the xbox.
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    Date : 01/12/2012 5:18:50 PM Model : 3-1-0-0 F:ATAPI iHAS324 B AL1B Disc : DVD+R DL , MKM003 [Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation] Speed : 4x ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1 Scanned range : 0 - 4267016...
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    how can u tell difference between xgd3 and xgd2 format?
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    Questions on installing XGD3 on Hard Drive

    What are the benefits of installing an XGD3 back up on the XBOX Hard Drive? And if the upcoming “Dash” Update makes us re-burn our XGD3 backups, will I have to... [1] delete the XGD3 backup currently installed on the Hard Drive, [2] Re-Rip the XGD3 backup [probably with updated dae.bin]...
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    SAMSUNG MS28 Samsung MS28 LT2.01 XGD3 games disc unreadable

    I have tried many different things to no avail. Phat Xbox (brand new) Samsung MS28 w/ lt2.01 Dashboard 13604 Memorex DL 8x 8.5 DvD+R I have tried to burn XGD3 games with ImgBurn and CloneCD - Overburn and Truncate. Both programs are updated to the newest versions. My xbox will play all...
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    GENERAL imgburn XGD3 layer break set to optimal or specific number?

    I have read over multiple forums that the layer break when using ixtreme burnermax fw should be left to optimal but then others say set a specific number. So which is it? Does it matter?
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    ImgBurn XGD2 and XGD3 Settings

    When one sets ImgBurn settings from the pdf manual for iXtreme burner, is it alright to burn XGD2 backups with the same (XGD3) settings? Thanks.
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    I looked around but couldn't find a clear answer so I'm going to post my question. I know that in order to burn XGD3 games, you need to set the layer break at calculate optimal and untick perform OPC for 2.4x writing. My problem is that the second window to truncate doesn't pop up. Am i doing...
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    Batman Arkham City issue

    So i burned Arkham city but since its a xgd3 3% is missing since i dont have that new burner yet. I got to the part where you have to go interogate quincy sharp but when i do it just sits on a black screen. I can hear myself running around if i mess with the controller durring this black screen...
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    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Disc authorise Error

    Got this error many times today. One XGD3 backup causes this error then all other XGD3 games wont boot because of this error. I cut the power off the xbox for 2mins and every game works again including xgd3 backups. Sometimes the drive makes some strange noice when boots XGD3 games. I have...
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    Questions about DVD+R DL media.

    I am curious about the brand of disks that have been successful at backing up XGD3 games. so far i have used memorex and they seem to do the job just fine, but are there any cheaper alternatives that people have found to be successful at overburning as well? let me know what disc brands have...