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    *Ripping and Burning XGD3 game Tutorial*

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    Hitachi 47 (xgd3)

    Does anyone know if xgd3 originals work on 47's running lt+1.1 and also if they work on 47's running lt+1.1 while spoofed as another drive
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    GENERAL People with Slims don't bother updating your wasting your time

    Why? you cant play on live so don't think you can without being flagged Well for 1 your wasting your time because its not live safe and 2 the firmware is not released why go thru the hassle because once LT1.9/2.0 is out your going to have to take your box apart again to flash it again i really...
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    9.4 gb dl dvd

    Perhaps this will be what we need to start backin up with the extra storage found on the new XGD3 discs. Found this on newegg a little while ago. Verbatim 9.4GB 3X DVD-RAM Single Jewel Case Disc Model 95003 - OEM http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817130032