1. T

    Alternate solder point on jtag alt v2 qsp with Zephyr

    Just wonder if there is an alternative solder point on the Zephyr mainboard to solder this point? On the Zephyr it won't stick because there is no solder on the point? However on Jasper's there is solder on the point.
  2. Ubergeek

    CR4 XL - PHAT Zephyr/Opus/Falcon/Jasper Install Guide (R-JTAG+)

    This CR4 XL install guide covers Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper Motherboards using the R-JTAG+ method. You can have the absolute latest version dashboard installed if you wish :) Recommended Hardware: (This is what I use myself in my own personal install) CR4 XL CR4 COMPLETE PHAT QSB KIT INCLUDING...
  3. N

    My First JTAG

    Hi all, with the help of the fantastic program J-Runner and my trusty friend google I just completed my first Zephyr JTAG. I have installed cool-runners and done RGH's for a little over a year now but just got my hands on a JTAGable dash console. Now the qestion. Is there a way to install the...
  4. I

    FIXED R-JTAG zephyr no boot

    Hi guys, i have a big problem. I have R-jtagged my xbox 360 (zephyr) I´m not sure if the little point on the R-jTAG QSB has good contact ?! any alternate point ? I have succesfully booted into XELL and retrieved my CPU key. ( with the 3 way switch on 1 ?!?! not middle , on the r-jtag qsb)...
  5. A

    GENERAL Zephyr RROD - 0031. - Please HELP

    Recently bought a Halo 3 Special Edition Zephyr off of eBay and found it was missing a capacitor. (16V 1500uF) and the other with the caps blown.. Replaced both with (25V 2200uF) capacitors.(couldn't find 16V 1500uF in my area.... ) Both capacitors are the ones that supply power to the...
  6. K

    Blinking Green light on CR but no display on TV

    Hi all, first of all would just like to say thanks to everyone on this forum, I have been reading and learning so much from everyone's post and responses. Having attempted to install a CR on my XB (zephyr mobo ) I have fallen at so many stages but having read everyone's issues I have manged to...
  7. L

    JTAG Bad Flash Need Help | Not Urgent

    Mobo: Zephyr Well i've had this Jtag a long time now. Never had an issue until I flashed a bad KV to it. Didn't think I would have such trouble flashing the nand to it. Now all I get is: "Version: 03Flash Config: 0xFFFFFFFF" I know its not an issue with my Nand-X, I tried Martin C's method...
  8. A

    R-JTAG Zephyr v2.0 will not boot

    Console Type: Zephyr (Halo 3 edition green Xbox) NAND size: 16mb Dashboard version: e.g 2.0.16537 CB version: 4569 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: See Attached Was the console working before you started: Yes J-Runner log: - I don't have a JR programmer, I am using LPT flash method...
  9. yokai

    (WANTED) someone near pasadena/los angeles,ca with solid rgh/jtag skills

    I have a zephyr rgh with a bad flash.ive managed to load my games on it,but can"t access em.(can see em in FSD AND ALL).i can play emus though (oddly,not from FSD).i cant install dashlaunch or xell.weak. definite plus if yer a music head too. later.
  10. M

    BENQ Xbox 360 Phat Zephyr wont turn on.

    Hello everybody, yesterday I disassembled my Phat Xbox 360, connected the BenQ VAD6038 to the X360USB Pro V2, connected all the other cables to the USB Pro and then connected it to the Computer. I performed the Jungleflash operation with this as a resulting log: After that I put everything...
  11. pengekcs

    zephyr 15574 rjtag v1.1 problem - ideas very welcome

    I have done so far 2 zephyr boards with RJTAG v1.1 both of them still work fine, one of them only boots though after the cpu heats up a bit. Anyway, this would be my third zephyr (and at least 6th RJTAG install) but I have run into troubles despite the excellent v1.1 RJTAG chip. details...
  12. Scrufdog

    ANSWERED CR RevB, Zephyr 14699, LPT... help

    I've been jtagging for years, time to move on to RGH. My friend had some leftover parts laying around so I decided to try to RGH my Zephyr. I have a Coolrunner Rev B, a Zephyr on the 14699 dash, and the Xilink LPT programmer cable with smaller 3.3 pwoer plug. I install the CR per the Rev C...
  13. K

    COOLRUNNER Zephyr Board wont boot into Xell Rev C

    Good evening, I updated my xbox 360 (Phat) Zephyr Console to 14699 and wanted to do an Rgh 1.0 with Jrunner. I dumped the Nand like always with Nand-x. Created the ECC. etc... flashed the Coolrunner Rev C. with the zephyr RGH 1.0 File. After that I wired all cables that were shown up in the...
  14. pengekcs

    R-JTAG on zephyr 2nd machine still no success

    1/july - POST updated below #6 - with RATER screenshot and a short video. Crappy zephyr CB4569, that also does not boot (my 2nd zephyr so far trying R-JTAG still does not work unfortunately) JR log: -------------------------- J-Runner v0.2 Beta (289) Started Checking Files Finished Checking...
  15. pengekcs

    An other zephyr with 4569 CB and 15574 dash that just RRODs with R-JTAG

    For everyone with these freaking zephyr boxes trying the R-JTAG: an other anti-success story. Symptoms: Same zephyr as with others that RROD, CB_A, CB_B and CD all 4569, 15574 dashboard. Stock boots fine. R-JTAG, AUD_CLAMP 1.2v, dips 1-6 (tested one by one, dip 7 off dip 8 on as for zephyr) it...
  16. A

    Zephyr CB 4569 RGH2 needed only for DVD recovery - CR3 Lite settings to start with ?

    Hello, I have done many RGH installations and this Zephyr with dash 15574 is really a pain in the ass, like too much people here. Someone has tried to update this xbox with dash 15574, while he got modified firmware installed in his Benq drive. Now the Benq drive cannot be get into vendor mode...
  17. K

    RGH Zephyr RGH1 Boots Xell perfect but dash only sometimes

    Ok, first off, I'm a long time lurker but first time poster. Hopefully no questions like this have been posted yet. I've been here so many times and never seen a post with this issue so I figure I'll post and hope for someone brilliant to read it. Anyways, I've done so many RGH's and JTAGS...
  18. X

    J-R Programmer Driver Issues

    Hey everyone, I need some serious help. I've been experimenting with files on my NAND for research and I now need to be able to write my NAND because I've caused issues with my current flash. I have a J-R Programmer and I've never had issues installing its driver in the past, but earlier when I...
  19. K

    RGH Zephyr Can't Boot Xell No matter what I do, CD 4572,

    so heres whats going on, as the tiltle says i cant boot xell. its glitching fine but nothing else. the dash is pre-metro dash im not sure atm which exactly. ive rewired and re soldered countless times. Ive built my .ecc with both j runner and multi builder no luck. ive tried the low loss cable...
  20. X

    RGH Method For Perfect Boot Times

    First off, forgive me if I posted this in the wrong section. I didn't see or have the ability to post in other forums. Now then, after experimentation with my Zephyr RGH1 I believe I have discovered a way to achieve reliable boot times. So, here's what I have found. Method 1. Unplugging the...