1. ppkpatrick

    16MB NAND chip for Zephyr

    In need of a 16MB Nand chip for a Zephyr.Have a backup of my nand that i also need programmed to it. willing to pay around €15 posted.
  2. ppkpatrick

    ANSWERED Zephyr CB Unsupported?

    Trying to build my ecc image using latest jrunner for a zephyr console with latest update (14719).Getting "Not supported yet" during build but thought that all phats CBs were supported? JRunner pics: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=jjvgpz&s=5
  3. P

    Coolrunner and Zephyr with CB 4571

    Hi people, I installed a coolrunner in one of my old Zephyr boxes. The soldering seems fine, I measured wit a multimeter and looks ok, also visually. I also tried to have the blue and green wire away from the problematic area as far as possible. Now the issue is that it won't boot with Xell...
  4. A

    RGH Zephyr Keeps Glitching Xell Reloaded Install Fails

    I attempted to install Xell Reloaded on my Zephyr using JTAG 4.25. After writing the ECC and starting my console with the eject button, the Coolrunner continues to keep glitching indefinitely until I disconnect it. I noticed that the Coolrunner's green LED blinked about every 5 seconds. I...
  5. ppkpatrick

    [WANTED] RROD Zephyr,Falcon or Jasper in Ireland

    looking for a bare rrod zephyr,falcon or jasper for postage in Ireland willing to pay max. of €50
  6. T

    Help with resistor value?

    Hey everyone, I bought a rrod xbox thinking it was ONLY be a rrod xbox, turns out he was f**kin around with it, and he broke a resistor off. So if anybody could help me find the resistor value, then that would be great :D heres the info on the console and resistor: Resistor location: R4C31...