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Jun 15, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Love that we have a section just for showing installs. Just did my 2nd RGH. My first was a Corona v2 with a CR3 Lite (not connected) but sill inside the console that I still own and use. Just used it to get the CPU/DVD Key for a **** install.

I just picked up a XBOX 360 Slim Trinity 16MB Nand. Then installed a CR4 XL. Soldering was done perfect. Not a single touch up. Only had two issues with getting it up and running. Didn't select the CR4 option in J-Runner to get the CPU/DVD Key. Then had troubles getting a proper 17502 image to build. Its been about 2 years since I had did my Corona. So I was a little rusty.

Loved using the CR Pro Rater for the first time. Got my Trinity to boot in 1-2 cycles just about every time. Since I make that video I learned how to use the Rater better. So I don't have to manually start/stop it any more.
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