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Oct 15, 2012
just thought id give all them noobs (me included) a little help with settings and things that have worked for me.

I have gotten round to getting verbs mk3's and now have amazing results
but i did have a few PI spikes right at the start of the disc ( i say spikes it was about 18-23)
Everything else across the board was amazing
I then inspected the actual DVD DL disc underside to find a line across the data
then fearing the worst i inspected some more of the spidle....
turns out the discs must of been scuffed while packaged or something as the top 5 - 10 discs have this little mark looks like alien writing in a line across the middle
ill get a pic for you

bad quality control i guess?

anyone who is interested

im using these settings at the moment with PI 0-5 avg is really low maybe 2 or 3 maybe 5-10 at layer break and PIF avg around 0.02 - 0.09
but this is my 2nd burn on verbs so might still be adjusting or learning

verb mk3's (REALLY MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE...if you get bad results with poor media try verbs

OPC=OFF (After clearing it the first time as i had it on by default i think...after that then leaving it OFF FOREVER)
BURN PROOF = ON (Doesnt make a difference on or off ive tried)
Layer break (write tab) ( i always put this in manually after txtediting the file to see what it is...normally it is 2133520)
buffer set in imgburn build tab (page 2) to read buffer 512 and i/o (page 2) to buffer size 512
burn at 4x (2.4 didnt make a blind bit of difference to the pi pif for me)

oh im using a ihas 524
bm firm

just thought id help people out there

also also

here is a krpobe which shows what im on about
although i did scan it at max
to save time so i suspect it would be lower with 4x but meh still works and plays fine

also well within the limits (except the 5 at layer break but ive read alot that it is acceptible)
i would say this was a good burn for a max speed scan
but those marks on the first 5-10 dvd makes me ANGRY!
having 5-10 discs wasted just because of bad quality control

wonder if i could contact verb or possibly take um back
( the 5 i have not burnt anyway)

also this is the 3rd burn on the verbs so probably still learning

also also also
remember the drive keeps learning how to burn whatever media u put in it for 8 burns WITH SETTINGS UNCHANGED
so dont change them from what ive put and to be honest the first burn was AMAZNG

good luck :D

remember this all just worked for me and is what ive found out just take it with a pinch of salt if u like :)

ask away ill try to answer any questions


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Oct 15, 2012
honest dont try other discs its just wasting them
save them for hard drive backups or whatever

i would also stear clear of the 25 pack of verbs get the 10s as they have better quality control i think

oh im from the south west uk :)