SAMSUNG MS28 A few problems (Spoofing assistance needed)


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Mar 11, 2012
First, I have researched this problem and everything I found confused the heck out of me. So if their are any forums you would recommend using than please tell me.

Now, here is my situation. I have a broken XBOX that won't read discs. It came with a Samsung drive (MS28 apparently, that's what it says on my disc drive) and its not working. I also have a Hitachi drive that is working from an XBOX that is 100% dead now, its got the e74 error and their is no reason for it to have the error but what are you going to do. Anyhow, I want to replace the Samsung drive that's broken with the Hitachi drive that's working. I know that this can be detected if your on Xbox Live but I really don't care at all because I'm just using this to beat Mass Effect 3, after that my Xbox can be a paperweight for all I care. But now I need to know what to do step by step for spoofing my Hitachi drive to work as my Samsung drive, and I mean everything. All I have done is take apart the system.

I have researched the problem but some of the results are outdated, some of them don't explain things from the beginning and just expect you to start on the EXACT same page as the writer was and the others are confusing me out of my mind! So if you can either tell me what I need to do in depth or just a brief summary and point me in the right direction it would be a HUGE help!


P.S. I have 2 Samsung drives that are both broken, diodes included. How can I tell which one came originally with the Xbox? I know that their is a code on the motherboard of the drive that is unique with the code on the Xbox and I want know which drive has the right motherboard.

P.S.S. I have already tried a new diode and it didn't work. I did everything the instructions said and nothing so please don't just recommend a new diode. I don't feel like getting ripped off again by buying a fake diode that never worked in the first place.


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Jan 31, 2011
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What you need to do is read the Key off each drive (even if the xbox is dead, it pays to keep the key just incase). Read the JungleFlasher Tutorial to get familiar with each drives flashing procedure.
(Its in the Documentation folder in the JungleFlasher folder.)

1)In Jungleflasher there is an option to Save Drive Key(under Firmware Tool tab).
Do this so you have a firmware dump and key.bin for each drive(put them in separate folders).

3)Then go to Firmware Tool tab, and click open source firmware button on the right.
Select the hitachi drive firmware dump and load that into source.

4)Then load lt+2.0 (might as well flash cfw while your at it) into Target Firmware.
Then click the manual spoof button and select key.bin(the key.bin off one of the sammy drives goes here) and it should load that key into the firmware.

5)Click save target and save it somewhere away from the other firmware files.

6) Flash that to the Hitachi drive and slam it in the xbox, see if you get discs reading again.

If the above steps don't work then do steps 4-6 again with your other sammy drive.

I've done this to get an ms25 xenon playing mw3 (XGD3) copies on XBOX LIVE for about a month now with no banning, etc. Never had a problem.


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Jan 12, 2011
I don't think that spoofing is even an option for you now. With the new games, you will receive an E66 error code upon updating or playing wit ha spoofed drive. Because of this, Mass Effect 3 will not work on a console with a spoofed drive.

As stated above, Hitachi and Samsung drives use the same laser. You can take the laser out of the Hitachi and put it in the Samsung and you should be good to go (as long as the only thing wrong with the Samsung is the 'Open Tray' error.