A little help creating a cheat file


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Dec 4, 2011
Hello all, please bear with me, since it's my first time trying to create a cheat file myself

So I had a look at AnalogMan's explanation on how to find the address needed to create a cheat file, but I'm still having a hard time making it work...

I found the HEAP address for my current game session:

I saw the MAIN address before it, so I tried calculating the offset from MAIN to the HEAP address (tried 0x5 from the end of the MAIN address, and 0xD from the beginning, since I wasn't sure from where I needed to calculate).

so I ended up with:

[Infinite Money]
540f0000 02730458
540f1000 00000005
740f0000 ffffffff

[Infinite Money]
540f0000 02730458
540f1000 0000000D
740f0000 ffffffff
and the code didn't work copying the txt file to my switch...

Can anyone shed some light on what I'm doing wrong? I'd really like to create cheat files for everyone


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