A Word of Warning to Idiots...


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Feb 11, 2010
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Here is an update about a problem i had a little while ago. i came to this forum in desparate need of advice for an issue i had been having for quite some time
and i feel like my story is worth mentioning maybe even just as a word of warning to others.

I wont bore you with my full original post, but the gist of it was that i was having trouble flashing my Lite on 93450C drive. After several failed attempts, several long frustrating nights
quite a lot of money spent, and quite a lot of patience tested, i came to these forums in a last ditched attempt to rectify the lissue i was having. After being basically turned away for being
an idiot (ill explain in a second) i then finally figured out what the problem was, and was pretty annoyed to say the least. It Turns out i was doomed from that very first night of tinkering.
That first naive, blind forray into the world of drive flashing lead to 3 weeks of useless frustration, all in vein. all of which could have been avoided if i had used my head and done my research first.

The tut i was following was not one found on these forums, and I had enlisted the help of my brother for this venture, as i was unconfident i could accomplish one part of the process i was following
on my own. At this point i must mention that the product i had bought to complete the flashing process was not made by xecuter. Instead it was a cheaply made, expensively priced, badly soldered immitation
that would eventually lead to the demise of my xbox 360.

This product was so badly made, that the very first time i attempted to use it, my brother was greeted with, as he describes it, quite a severe electric shock when he did nothing more than switch the
product on, in the exact way the manufacturers instructed. Little did we know, we should have stopped all atempts at flashing the drive here. All atempts on it after this point were completely futile.

I didnt know enough about electonics at this point to realise that the shock must have sent some sort of power surge to the PCB, frying all the components and rendering it useless. WHen i tried
putting the drive back into my xbox, i of course got the RROD error, which i actually expected by this point.

Later that day, i went and bought a brand new, pre-owned (sic) 360, and was very happy when i discovered it was
packing a BenQ drive, manufactured in 2007 :D. after making sure the console worked in its current, un-tampered state, i opened it straight up and hooked it up to my PC using my CK3 Pro kit and SATA
cable i had bought from Xecuter a few weeks back. Following a simple tutorial i found on this site, and using JF (also found through this site) i read the f/w
spoofed it, dumped it and closed it. This whole process from start to finish took less than 5 minutes.

Less than 5 minutes using xecuter products : impossible after 3 weeks using cheap immitations.

I guess the moral of this story is very simple. dont be a stupid fool like i was and buy some cheap crappy product thrown together by idiots simply looking to make a quick buck
when there is a perfectly capable, reasonably priced option already here, whos design and simplicity is existing in perfect symbiosis with its form and function, the CK3 PRO.
i just wish i had realised this 3 weeks, £260 and quite a lot of embarrassment ago.

Xbox 360 Console with Lite on Drive : £110
Cheaply made, crappy immitation product : £40
Brand New Old Xbox with BenQ drive : £110

Realising that xecuter is the only way to flash a 360 : Priceless

Most people buy xecuter, for everyone else, theres dissapointment.


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Sep 18, 2009
Ur_ momz
thats frikin lame!
where did you get it from? just so others know ot to go there.
i myself have always bought Xecuter products,i think the one time i did i ended up smashing the thing to fuc!ing pieces.


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Feb 11, 2010
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if you are in the UK - send your old console to TeaJunkie. If he can repair it I will cover all his costs and return postage to you.
Thanks man, you really took me back with your generosity there, ill email him now let him know the details, i would be pretty amazed
if he did actually manage to get the keys, looking at this page its no where near as damaged as the one in the picture, so maybe there is hope after all.

also thanks to all the others for your sympathy :)


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Jan 2, 2010
Cool post, thanks for sharing!

I share your thoughts..I had no experience with any of this and one day just started googling around and ended up here...got myself a Blaster CK3 and installed it with hardly any trouble and it's working perfect.

Great products!


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Dec 31, 2003
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this is teajunkie hard at work :D (its the idiots really)

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