abgx360 v1.0.6 - Quick Guide & Settings


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May 13, 2004
how do you get the image file? imgburner? what's the best way. thanks.
You rip it from your legally owned original game disc using the drive from a console. Google is your friend.
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Oct 1, 2013
Everytime I change the "Splitvid" to Leave it the way it is & save it, it goes back to Add if it dosent exist or Isn't valid. Any idea off why it does that?


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Dec 30, 2005
Muir, Michigan
I have noticed all the guides for ABGX say
ss version: 2 (trusted)
I have been playing with ripping my games with my x360 USB pro v2 with a BenQ drive with stock Firmware (no 0800 FW) and when I rip them and check them in ABGX in that field i typically get:
ss version: 1
there is no trusted or any thing like that in that field for my personal rips, is this a concern for stealth and burning?
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Jul 7, 2010
Colne, Lancashire (UK)
The user "mortalwombat" has been given an infraction for his troubles.

Please note that this thread is here for users to configure ABGX settings - an XBC log for your game(s) *MUST* be provided if you want support.

If you need to ask us what XBC is, think twice before asking for help.
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Oct 28, 2005
abgx server is down, does anyone have the stealth files package?

I have the 19 video, files for the stealth folder.


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Dec 22, 2010
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2014/10/02 Sorry for the downtime over the past couple of days but the site has now been moved to a new host. Thanks to our friends at Team Xecuter for graciously providing the bandwidth from now on!
However, the domain abgx360.net has not been pointed to the new host yet. To get the abgx360 app working again you will need to download this abgx360.ini file and extract it from the zip archive to the folder directly above your StealthFiles folder. To find out where your StealthFiles folder is, open abgx360 GUI v1.0.2 or later and press Ctrl+F (and click yes to have it opened for you). Then go one folder up to where you see the abgx360.dat file and put that abgx360.ini file you extracted in there right next to it.
When we can get in contact with the owner of the domain and point it to this new host, and you are viewing this text on http://abgx360.net, you should delete that .ini file in case the IP address of this server changes (although it probably won't change for a long time).