abgx360 v1.0.6 - Quick Guide & Settings


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Feb 22, 2019
Anybody still use 360 and using abgx360? was working fine yesterday until today when trying to patch a ISO it just comes up "checking for updates to abgx360.dat" and nothing happens.

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Yes mine is doing that, but if you let it do that long enough it will connect and continue...But mine dont have that blue txt on it......Just the checking for updates...
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Jul 7, 2011
Hi, Is there any way to contact Seacrest?
Or with someone who can change the mail and ip's of the uploaders?
I am an old uploader and I want to change my mail and the ip's from which I upload the games since I have changed the internet operator.


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Aug 1, 2020
Moscow, Russia
Hi! For those, who are having troubles with abgx360 verification past 2020 - I have a tip. I've downloaded the well know .ini file with the links to . As you might know, right now abgx360 is hosted on abgx360.cc. So I've changed all links to the new address. I've saved that .ini and now verification checks, everything is green. Hope this will be helpful for someone like me :3

# http directory that contains verified ini files
web_inidir: http://abgx360.cc//Apps/verified/

# http directory that contains unverified ini files
web_unverifiedinidir: http://abgx360.cc/Apps/unverified/

# http path to GameNameLookup.csv
web_csv: http://abgx360.cc//Apps/Stealth360/GameNameLookup.csv

# http path to abgx360.dat
web_dat: http://abgx360.cc//Apps/Stealth360/abgx360.dat

# http path to topology.php
web_topology: http://abgx360.cc//Apps/topology.php

# http directory that contains SS/DMI/PFI/Video stealth files
web_stealthdir: http://abgx360.cc//Apps/StealthFiles/

# http form for submitting AutoUploads
web_autoupload: http://abgx360.cc//Apps/Control/AutoUpload.php