Access Homebrew before games and installer tabs.


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Nov 22, 2018
Hi, is there a way do access the Homebrew tab berofe que Games and Install tabs?
I have 1.3Tb of games on my external Hd, so it takes a long time do scan, them when I go to installer 1.3 the Hd is scanned again, o would like a faster way to get to the installer 1.3.
Another thing, my .xci games are showing in both Games and Install Tabs, any solutions? I have de titleid but no in [ ], does it make a diference?



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Nov 26, 2007
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There is no way to change the layout as of now, but it is not a bad suggestion. You can also try launching the hbmenu directly from the home screen by holding the 'R' button and then launching a game. Hold the 'R' until you get the hbmenu then you can just launch the SX installer from there.


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Sep 9, 2018
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You can now install XCI games with SX OS now. I’m assuming that’s why you are seeing XCI under Install tab.


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Mar 4, 2019
hey With that being said where do this files go? Like I notice my memory card is still filling up instead of being a nsp forwarder it seems it’s actually installs the xci files? Can I delete the files after it’s been installed? I would just put them on a hd for back up but ya lol. Curious how installer xci works. If it’s same as nsp then I kind of understand but I’m very new. Only had switch for a week. Thanks for the help

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