After 10.0.4 update SD Card gone


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Oct 11, 2018
I updated firmware using official updater. Works fine but now system is saying that an update needs to be installed to get SD Card working but setting is saying that latest is installed.
I tried reinstalling 10.0.4 using ChoiDujourNX with SDXC support but it failed.

Can I install 10.0.3? or will this fail? Just to go back to 10.4 using ChoiDujourNX again.
I used FAT Mirco SD to downgrade to 10.0.3 using ChoiDijour with ExFat support, Them I updated again to 10.0.4 same way with ExFAT support.
Now all is fine. Seems like official update to 10.0.4 messed up ExFat support here.

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