Alternate CoolRunner Rev C EN Pad location?


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Dec 27, 2019
I wasn't sure whether or not to post this in the DemoN subforum, but I guess this is a problem solely with the CR rev C I have...
Im trying to install a DemoN in my phat jasper, although it seems like the EN pad on my clone CR rev C is missing. Now, before everyone starts complaining I'm using a cloned CR... Yes I understand that they are not good quality, but since the coolrunner rev C specifically is no longer officially being manufactured, I had to get a clone.

The official CoolRunner Rev C has a EN pad that you would solder a wire from the DemoN's CR expansion addon as seen here:

The clone that I have is here:

notice gray wire in first image is soldered to a pad that the clone doesn't have. Anyone have any idea where an alternative solder point that I can use? It seems like there actually might be a pad hidden under the solder mask in that location too, but I wanted to ask before I go and try uncovering it and possibly damaging it.
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