RGH Alternate Slim RGH Points - How To Fix When You [email protected]*k up


Nov 30, 2011
replacing thermal paste is common sense if you have lifted the heatsink.. and please dont send me PM's for support when you got thousands of members who can answer your questions here on main forum


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Feb 28, 2013
If you pull C5R11 can you do the same fix for FT4R2? - i.e. wrap a secondary wire and solder this to FT4R2 and then solder the opposite end to the resistor on top of the board as mentioned?


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Jun 1, 2013
Re: Xbox Slim Alt Points. ( For Those Who Messed The Points)

wow great forum.i did a cr3 pro ultimate for my cousin and as usual it went great,first rgh.so i decided to rgh my slim with bad dvd pcb for myself with a coolrunner rev c. wire install,and for the first time ever i lifted a pad,post out.i've done many wii,ps1,ps2,ps3,xbox1 and jtag,but like i said this is my second slim.i will be using qsb's from now on.i used the alt under heat sink before i remembered the one that the qsb soldered to under the board on my first rgh.this post saved my arse.lol


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May 29, 2003
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Re: Xbox Slim Alt Points. ( For Those Who Messed The Points)

Re: Trinity motherboard, damaged post-out via repair...

Can a moderator confirm for me that a corona post-fix adapter will work instead of soldering to the top post-out via of a trinity motherboard?
If this is viable then it seems an easier option than trying to solder to the top post-out via, especially if the installer has already damaged the larger bottom post-out via.


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Feb 28, 2014
Hello dear users of the forum! I am a visitor from Russia. English do not speak, I use a translator. Such a problem - torn FT4R2. According to your instructions I have recovered nickle connecting point C5R11 and R4D4. Thereafter glitcher started flashing blue (there rezet) but no start (before the point was torn launch was). Uploaded original Nand - 4 rezet and green on the front panel changes to red. What could be the problem? First point F4R2 tried to restore a soldering iron on the old site. Maybe there anything Fired?


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can someone help me with pictures of alternatives cpu_rst point on corona 16mb