amiibo emulator


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Feb 2, 2019
you can use NTAG2105 chips or something like that idk the correct tag
then you can use TagMo Android app and you have a own Amiibo but Emuiibo will work soon


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Nov 26, 2007
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Just curious what you guys mean by NSP module? An NSP is installed on your home screen. Mostly used for backups and Forwarders to homebrew apps. SX allows both of those.

I am not too familiar with Emuiibo other than the dev not liking SX and also joking about doing things that a legit dev shouldn't.


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Jul 17, 2019
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I have a solution for anyone needing amiibo's who has a android phone; and it is better than emuiibo in two aspects. Go to apkpure and download a copy on Joy-Con Droid. Lastest version do not get it from play store. That is very old and less features. Optional: Pay to remove ads ($5 USD and I feel worth it for what the app can do).

Then copy all your backup amiibo files across to an easy to access location on your phone. I have sorted mine by game making life easy.

Open Jon-Con Droid and configure settings. Enable everything, especially NFC. Then point NFC Binary Path to the amiibo bin file you would like to use.

Then turn on switch and select pro controller on the app. Load game, select amiibo and BOOM amiibo loaded.

Better than emuiibo
1. Works for both EmuNand and SysNand.
2. 20 heart wolf link works.

Also select left or right joycon for a half decent additional joycon at a pinch. (Even works for just dance motions).

Enjoy my friends.
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