CK3i any problems other than the PL2303 chip?


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Feb 2, 2011
Is there any other way the CK3i 'always on' power problem can be explained except for the blown PL2303 chip? I ordered my X360USB, unlocked TX PCB and ck3i about a month and a half back from modchipcentral. The CK3i worked perfectly then, I even flashed the fw into the PCB. But the pcb turned out to be faulty so I sent it back to modchipcentral. They exchanged it and I just got it back.
Now the problem is my ck3i is always staying on (green light) when I plug it into the molex cable from my PC. I read a lot of threads and posts about this same issue, and since I've previously plugged in the molex myself very carefully, it's not possible that I plugged it in the wrong way. Last time it worked perfectly fine like I said. But since getting my exchanged PCB, I tried it last night again, and that's when I saw it was giving this problem. Before last night, I hadn't used the CK3i even once after using it a month and a half back when it worked fine.
That's why I was wondering if anything else other than the PL2303 chip could be causing the problem