Anybody know where I can get Project Mayhem X3CL skin???


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Nov 23, 2004
Indiana, US
I took the home screen out of PM3 and made a CP out of it only thing that ruins it is that the CL keyboard cant use an image as a BG otherwise it would be sweet!


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May 5, 2005
i was meaning the error you were getting when you tried to download x3cl skins from, i can download from your link in the 2nd post, but if i try to download any other of the skins, i get the error that u described in your original post:D

**EDIT** hehe, i was reading your sigs, and read the part about pming you about your isp, hopefully people don't do that, god people are retarded. BTW I am a Internet Securities Tech for charter :D funny how the people that are supposed to watch over customers are into the same stuff they are aint it:cool:
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