April's free Xbox games with Gold are Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight


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Put your shades on, turn your collar up and set those knee joints to "self-satisfied swagger". April's free Xbox games with Gold are Hitman: Absolution, available from the 1st to the 15th, and Deadlight, available from the 16th till the end of the month. Absolution is the most recent Hitman game, and has attracted controversy for its refining of the franchise's proven sandbox style. Our reviewer, Matt "Dearly Departed" Lees, deemed the game a triumph, noting that "while the previous games let you feel like a certain type of assassin, Absolution offers it all."

"Agent 47 is a deadly medley of every cool killer you can think of," he continued. "Die-hard fans may roll their eyes at the way some levels try to nudge you towards violence, but we found ourselves very pleasantly surprised at just how much we enjoyed the variation."
Deadlight isn't quite as celebrated. Jonty described the Tequila-developed platformer as "beautiful, but bone-headed" in OXM's review, concluding that "it gets a lot of things right, and is a game worth playing, but the storytelling never lives up to the presentation".
What do you think? I already own Absolution, but am minded to try Deadlight. Bookmark our free Xbox games list for all the deals as they arrive.
Thank you for the heads-up, Sir Major of Nelson.
Source: OXM
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Absolution and Deadlight will be available for free to Xbox Live Gold members in April, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb announced via his blog. On April 1, users can grab Hitman: Absolution, typically priced at $19.99, until April 15.

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