LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Are both my chipsets not compatible with this drive ?


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Oct 11, 2015
Hi guys,
Trying to dump the "Dummy.bin" from a 360 slim Lite-On 16d4s 0225 drive that has the MXIC 03 chip on the PCB.
Now i'm trying to do this WITHOUT having to try and hunt down the "TX Sputnik Switch or the Sputnik Probe" tbh,my kit that i've always used for phat 360 drive stuff is, my TX CK3 Lite and my TX Probe 3.
I have completely removed this drives PCB board,so it'll be easier to work on than still inside the drive tbh.
So i have done the trace cut on the PCB and have tried this tuturial here :------
Now my problem is this.When i click on "Slimkey" and probe the point with the wire/resistor,the drive begins to extract the key details BUT within a few seconds,it just stops and throws up "Slimkey Extraction Failed" and in the J/Flasher log box it says "Stage 1 Failed" but it does show the drives key details in the log box,it just doesn't allow me to save it to my desktop (like i normally able to with the phat revision drives).
I don't possess any version of the x360usb pro neither,as i've always used either my PC's onboard Nvidia 4 chipset or my PCI VIA card (drivers are of course been removed for my VIA card)
This is my first ever attempt at doing a 360 slim drive btw and not having much luck tbh lol
Any help would be so welcome from you guys please