ATAPI Ihas 424-xx B "No matched drive detected"


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Jul 14, 2012
Hello guys.
I just flashed my xbox 360 with the ck3 probe 3 .
I recieved my iHas drive. its the 424-B model.
Right now im trying to flash the burner max firmware.
I read the tutorial on here on how to do so. So i have to put the drive to stock. In this case my drive is GL1B and i i have to put GL1A. When i hit the GL1A.exe file it gives me this error:

"No Matched drive detected !
This utility is only for ATAPI iHAS424 B drive.

Detected drives :
2-0-0-0 G:
3-1-0-0 D:ATAPI iHas424 B GL1B"

THe drive shows up in the EEPROM utility and on device manager. ALso the sata chipset is set to IDE. I used this computer to flash the xbox btw.
I tried some of my friend's computers but
im getting the same problem. I must be doing something wrong. I read the whole tutorial thread but i cant find what im doing wrong.

Any possible solutions?

Please help and Thank you :)