Avalaunch freezes after installing Coinops


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Jun 4, 2017
I recently found a hard modded box that has that full face plate with the lcd screen and what not. For $10 at goodwill I couldnt pass it up. Got it home hooked it up, it works! and its got a 160gb hdd in it.

First order of business was to try to get coinops on it.

It has Avalaunch and xmbc and a couple games copied to the hdd. I configured the ftp settings and started to copy coinops over and went to bed.

Next morning I came downstairs turned the box off before going to work. Once I got home I went to fire it up. I get the xbox startup splash with the xecuter rox my box icon. It then goes to the Avalaunch splash and plays about 2 seconds of a weezer song(whoever owned it ripped a couple weezer songs) and then it freezes.

I then set about flashing the newest Bios, 3294 thinking that would do something. Flash successful over network, but the freezing persists.

What options do I have to bypass or remove or fix or update this avalaunch thing? the system will boot a game no problem, but other than that it freezes at the avalaunch splash screen.

Ive been searching and trying all kinds of stuff for a week or so now, but Im far to unfamiliar with hard modding(have softmodded quite a few boxes) to even know what to search for.

Thanks in advance!


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Mar 17, 2017
I removed Avalaunch entirely as it was giving me the same problem originally, then I couldn't even boot the Xbox up at all without freezing. I deleted Avalaunch entirely and just use XBMC4Xbox and haven't had any problems since. Xbins has anything that you might need! Good Luck...:smile:


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Dec 12, 2017
I have verified that all versions of Avalaunch are incompatible with the executable default.xbe of CoinOPS 2 and higher.
With Premium, HyperVision, Visionary there is no problem of incompatibilities.
The solution is to this problem is simple.
Download a xbe shortcut https://svn.exotica.org.uk:8443/xbmc4xbox/trunk/tools/ShortcutXBE/default.xbe
Go to CoinOPS folder and rename the original Coinops default.xbe to default_coinops.xbe.
Copy the donwloaded default.xbe in the same CoinOPS folder
Create in the same CoinOPS folder a file named default.cfg and write it the path to CoinOPS executable. UnleashX work ok for this job.


f:\emulators\coinops 8 lite\default_coinops.xbe

Finally with Avalaunch, Unleash or XBMC/4XBOX edit the title XBE to set the correct name.

Works 100% & end of worries

Sorry for my awful english

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Feb 1, 2019
Oh man! I want to thank you for solving my problem! (though you probably won't see this message as I noticed you have only posted 1 message on this board)
I'm usually a DIYer and can solve my problems by myself, but... HOW THE F*** would I have found this without you?! I created an account just to let others know your solution works!

My situation: had an old xbox with Avalaunch since 2003 or something, decided to upgrade the hard drive in 2019 and add COINOPS 8 MASSIVE. As soon as I rebooted the xbox after FTPing the 90Gb thing on the F: drive, I couldnt use the Xbox as it froze 5-10 seconds after Avalaunch startup. I though maybe I did something wrong so I gave it 2 more shots the following days, with the same result.
Found this thread, tried soilengreen's trick and now it works as advertised! I know there are other ways, like getting rid of Avalaunch, but this was a faster and easier way of getting rid of the problem.
Hope it can help others!

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