Avalaunch freezes after installing Coinops


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Jun 4, 2017
I recently found a hard modded box that has that full face plate with the lcd screen and what not. For $10 at goodwill I couldnt pass it up. Got it home hooked it up, it works! and its got a 160gb hdd in it.

First order of business was to try to get coinops on it.

It has Avalaunch and xmbc and a couple games copied to the hdd. I configured the ftp settings and started to copy coinops over and went to bed.

Next morning I came downstairs turned the box off before going to work. Once I got home I went to fire it up. I get the xbox startup splash with the xecuter rox my box icon. It then goes to the Avalaunch splash and plays about 2 seconds of a weezer song(whoever owned it ripped a couple weezer songs) and then it freezes.

I then set about flashing the newest Bios, 3294 thinking that would do something. Flash successful over network, but the freezing persists.

What options do I have to bypass or remove or fix or update this avalaunch thing? the system will boot a game no problem, but other than that it freezes at the avalaunch splash screen.

Ive been searching and trying all kinds of stuff for a week or so now, but Im far to unfamiliar with hard modding(have softmodded quite a few boxes) to even know what to search for.

Thanks in advance!


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Mar 17, 2017
I removed Avalaunch entirely as it was giving me the same problem originally, then I couldn't even boot the Xbox up at all without freezing. I deleted Avalaunch entirely and just use XBMC4Xbox and haven't had any problems since. Xbins has anything that you might need! Good Luck...:smile:


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Dec 12, 2017
I have verified that all versions of Avalaunch are incompatible with the executable default.xbe of CoinOPS 2 and higher.
With Premium, HyperVision, Visionary there is no problem of incompatibilities.
The solution is to this problem is simple.
Download a xbe shortcut https://svn.exotica.org.uk:8443/xbmc4xbox/trunk/tools/ShortcutXBE/default.xbe
Go to CoinOPS folder and rename the original Coinops default.xbe to default_coinops.xbe.
Copy the donwloaded default.xbe in the same CoinOPS folder
Create in the same CoinOPS folder a file named default.cfg and write it the path to CoinOPS executable. UnleashX work ok for this job.


f:\emulators\coinops 8 lite\default_coinops.xbe

Finally with Avalaunch, Unleash or XBMC/4XBOX edit the title XBE to set the correct name.

Works 100% & end of worries

Sorry for my awful english

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Feb 1, 2019
Oh man! I want to thank you for solving my problem! (though you probably won't see this message as I noticed you have only posted 1 message on this board)
I'm usually a DIYer and can solve my problems by myself, but... HOW THE F*** would I have found this without you?! I created an account just to let others know your solution works!

My situation: had an old xbox with Avalaunch since 2003 or something, decided to upgrade the hard drive in 2019 and add COINOPS 8 MASSIVE. As soon as I rebooted the xbox after FTPing the 90Gb thing on the F: drive, I couldnt use the Xbox as it froze 5-10 seconds after Avalaunch startup. I though maybe I did something wrong so I gave it 2 more shots the following days, with the same result.
Found this thread, tried soilengreen's trick and now it works as advertised! I know there are other ways, like getting rid of Avalaunch, but this was a faster and easier way of getting rid of the problem.
Hope it can help others!


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Dec 12, 2017
Financially I found the root of the problem, the icon that has the Coinops default.xbe embedded is too big / heavy and the avalanch crashes.
The solution is very simple. Edit the avalaunch.xml file and look for the line

<icons display = "1" rotate = "1" override = "1" />

And change it so that it stays that way

<icons display = "1" rotate = "1" override = "2" />


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Jul 5, 2020
Jyväskylä, Finland
just copied Coinops 8 to my original xbox with Avalaunch, and yes, xbox freezes during startup. Propably same reason as above. But my question: how I can fix file, since I cannot ftp to xbox? So I am not able to reach file system at all. Is it only way to just open xbox, remove hdd and add it to pc? But is Windows 10 capable to read xbox filesystem?
Thanks, Jarno